Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday Fun Poem

A cloud
floats gently by;
fluffy, shape-shifting forms
encouraging dreams which end in
R """"""D
a"""""" r
i """"" o
n"" p

I've been trying in vain to make blogger accept the words 'rain drops' as if they were written vertically, with both of them sloping left to right. It worked well until I clicked 'post', then the auto gremlins took over, and the whole effect was ruined. Now I need you to use your imagination, to remove the """"""" in each line, and slope the word 'drops' as my mind envisaged, to run parallel to 'rain'. It would have been effective if I'd managed to persuade blogger to be flexible...

The form started life as a cinquain - five lines, with syllables for them being 2,4,6,8,2 - but my imagination wanted to play with the way the last line was printed and things went haywire....So much for creativity!


  1. Jinksy, you have way too much time on your hands; how about giving me a hand with weeding and planting? Sorry, I got distracted by the lovely concrete poem above.

  2. I will see it as you truly hoped it would be..DRAT blogger has done things like this to me also. Frustrating when you work so hard and it reformats your efforts!

  3. I know how to do this, but Blogger strips out the required coding after one preview. Sorry. I tried.

  4. actually, the little thingees look like little raindrops!

    I do love this though :)

    and yes, blogger is unimaginative!!

  5. Clever, m'dear and, even if Blogger didn't cooperate with what you had in mind, it looks pretty good!

    I've been up to my ears in stamping stuff and have been playing catch up today on reading favorite blogs. I enjoyed your poems.

  6. Looks great and sounds great to me. Have a wonderful week-end.

  7. I think it turned out very pretty as is.

    Durnabit BLOGGER!
    There, just threw my shoe at it fer ya.

  8. I actually like the way it looks, but if I was going to try something like that, I'd do it in a graphics program and save it as a jpeg to post. That's my usual workaround for things that have me flummoxed. :)

  9. what you can do is change the colour of the text of the **** to white and they should disappear....

    nice poem, nicely shaped,,,

  10. and the whiteout worked! Excellent!

  11. Gosh, you are creative!
    I'm always having fights with blogger about simple things like skipping just one line. I dare not think about making shapes with words. Like you managed to do.


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