Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I'm often amazed and enchanted by the words that crop up among comments left by folks passing through my Blogland estate. The winner by far, yesterday, was lakeviewer of sixtyfivewhatnow fame, with her glorious offering 'polemic'. Doesn't it roll off the tongue in the most delightful fashion? How I wish I could instantly craft it into a poem! Might take me some time to achieve that, so will hold it in the back of my mind for future reference, perhaps.

I can hear one or two eyebrows being raised, though. Polemic? Is that related to pandemic?
For any wrinkled foreheads out there, here is the delightful offering found on Google:-

"...a polemic text on a topic is often written specifically to dispute or refute a position or theory that is widely viewed to be beyond reproach..."

Don't you just love that 'in a nut shell' explanation? I can think of no greater fun than disputing just about any theory you care to mention. After all, bandying words about theories, gets everyone's grey cells up and running- if only round in circles. What exercise! And occasionally, you may even find another person's opinion brings you to a full stop, as you ponder its validity.
Of such stuff is learning made.

Pouty Lips, of Pouty Baby's Nonsense, had a eureka moment with the word 'lilt' it seems. It's all very well talking about the rhythm of words, but until the mind grasps what that really means, and where it comes from, the words remain no more than words. Pouty admits to reading some of my stuff out loud, and I love her for grasping the fact that it's exactly the way poetry should be experienced, rhyming or not.

I think I will simply send you away today, admonishing you to read out loud for a bit - doesn't really matter what - while you savour the usually un-noticed lilt of the words, letting each one roll of the tongue in delight.

I look forward to hearing any experiences this may have brought forth by tomorrow...

2.15 pm PS - had to add this:-

Pip, Polemic, Pacify,
Frugal, Frumpish, Fortify.
Astral, Ankh, Antimony,
Artful, Angst, Agrimony.

Words are fun, they've got potential
especially when experimental
combinations come to mind -
try some out, see what you find!


  1. I love words. Polemic is a beauty.

  2. How can I bring that into the conversation tomorrow?

  3. Reading out loud stimulates the frontal lobes of your brain. Very handy things to have, frontal lobes. What would you do without them? You wouldn't know....
    I often read your poetry out loud too. To feel the rythm and to taste the words. My frontal lobes therefore are in top condition ;-) Thank you.

  4. The largely argued polemic between poetry and prose has to do with the lively lilt of the former and the prosaic sense of the later. Okay, I admit it, Jinksy I just wanted to play with your words!!!

  5. Now I feel like reading a dictionary instead of blogs. Lol :)

  6. I love words...both my dictionary and my thesaurus are coming apart at the seams...Love this word play! ~Janine XO

  7. oh, there is a marked difference to the tone and rhythm of something read aloud to that read quietly in your head....

  8. There was a young lady called Jinksy
    who thought she was like Miss Kaplinksy
    Who wasn't that much
    and not even such
    that she read the news with great haste as Miss K never had enough time to get all the words out before the end of the bulletin and the girl with the weather could come on a take her place and we would be at the end of the programme. Phew!

    Is this prose,poetry,verse or rubbish?
    Love Granny

  9. Polemic is indeed a good word to add to the vocabulary. I'm thinking I should look up its background.

    Don't consider myself strong on debate. Would much prefer to find commonalities than to dispute points or push opinions at someone. Probably because I'm just not good at it. :-) But I greatly admire those whose minds are quick enough to do so. More power to you, Jinsky!


  10. Polemic..beautiful. My latest favourite word which isn't new, just seems to be popping up a lot lately is "verdant". It makes me happy. I makes me sigh.

    I love words. is one of my favourite websites.


  11. Oh my gosh, I see where I am going to need a dictionary to keep up with your post. Love it Jinsky, it's about time I exercise my brain. I am really enjoying your post....Have a great day......:-) Hugs

  12. Words like "polemic" seem to go in and out of fashion don't they. When I was at college the "in" words were heirarchy and dichotomy (hope I have spelt them right or at least an educated approximation - am too lazy to look them up) you just get used to one set and then a new set of words comes in.

  13. This year, at least in the U.S., "robust" and "compelling" are very popular....

  14. Reading aloud is an art by itself. I read books to my son sometimes (he's 9, so the books are fat and the sentences long). It's such a big difference from reading to my daughter (she's 2). It does take some getting used to.

  15. I'm liking "angst" and "colandar" right now. :)

    Come enter my photo caption contest if you get time!

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  17. Words percolate in me and I often have no idea what the hell I'm talking about(I know, surprise!)and yet a word or couple of words will come to me and tell me of a truth I perhaps did know all along. Words are a curious thing. I think they travel without bodies.

  18. Judging by the fun I'm having with this discussion, I think words are playthings for me.


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