Saturday, 6 June 2009

Family Favourites?


When I visit Auntie Kate,
she takes the biscuits from my plate.

When I visit Grandpa Jones,
he jokes that he might grind my bones!

When I visit Auntie Flo,
she holds my hand and won't let go.

When I visit Cousin Dot,
she says' You'd fit my stewing- pot!'

When I visit Brother James,
he teases me and calls me names.

But if I visit Uncle Jack,
he says 'Be off! And don't come back!'


  1. And when I visit nephew Sue
    She says there should be more like you!

  2. You certainly have a colourful set of relations!

  3. You should visit grandma Jo,
    she'll tell you she loves you so!

  4. Ah, relatives....bless 'em!! :)

  5. LOL...I love this...and all around food as husband is constantly snitching things from people's plates...thinks it a lark...a joke...and so this sounds much like my family ...LOL. Thank you for visiting, Jinksy...your kind words, and encouragement mean so much to me as I so greatly admire you, your talent, and your poetry...and your kindness to me personally as I remember my mom this weekend means more to me than I can find words to convey! ~Janine XO

  6. Oooo, Ms Napples, I think you'd enjoy our porch! Plenty of ammunition to keep the neighbors at bay. And free alcohol. See you there....

  7. What fun this is; relatives on parade.

  8. Oh my, you have a bunch of nasty relatives, if nothing else they must scare you to death. LOL

  9. I so enjoyed your post today and just had to comment. You have a natural talent and to share it with all of us is wonderful. Loved reading about your relatives. Thank you

  10. What is it about Uncle Jacks? I had one too. He didn't tell us to go away and not come back though - he was the 'tease 'em till they cry' type.

    I loved the quick run around the relatives! We all have those oddities, don't we? LOL!

  11. This one is fun! As a kid one never really knows what to do with these relatives, do you? But it sure becomes fun relying on their peculiarities.

  12. I have an aunt called Trijntje,
    an uncle named Ruudje and people who can, call my father Uncle Dolly (his real name is Adolf, which for reasons well-known isn't a popular name anymore in the Netherlands)
    and my mother Aunt Klaasje.
    Try to wrap your tongue around that. Those are true relatives and names by the way ;-) Although Oom (uncle) Ruudje isn't with us anymore. He decided to leave this world a little early.


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