Thursday 18 February 2010

Better Out Than In

I woke up around 1.30am, with a distinct awareness that my feet were cold. Maybe they'd tried to escape the duvet. Who knows? Anyhow, there I was , more awake than I should have been. My brain clicked into gear and before I knew it, I'd composed a couple of verses all about twin-tubs and twins that seemed rather fetching at that hour. For a fleeting moment, I contemplated finding a pen and paper, but the effort was too great. Come the morning, and I sat here expectantly, waiting for the poem to resurface and - Nada- Nowt- Nothing.
Then a string of words came to me... 'There's a Gurgler in my sink.' They chose me - I didn't choose them, but here is the result. Sorry.

A Plughole Poem

There's a Gurgler in my sink
and I think he wants a drink.
When I slowly shift the plug,
that is when he starts to glug
as the water's rushing down;
I do hope that he won't drown.
It can't be very nice to swallow
soapy water from a hollow
gushing, pipe so dark and gloomy
in the sink of my bathroomy.


  1. Jinksy . . this is AWESOME! Did I say it was awesome! It made me gurgle with laughter, and quite demolished any sinking feelings I might have had.
    I'll give your poetry a plug on every bog, ( Oops! Sorry - still associating with bathroomies!) - on every BLOG I visit.

  2. Really good! I liked the twist in the peom from the 'I hope we won't drown' line.

    Looking forward to more.

  3. What did you eat
    before falling off to sleep?
    Was it some reckless treat
    that made these thoughts leap?

  4. Bruce -
    Sadly, supper's not to blame -
    idiocy comes with my name!

  5. Doctor FTSE-
    Plugs on bogs sounds very dodgy
    but so would plugs on frogs - too squodgy!

  6. now you've got me feeling sorry for the drain?!?!?! heee hee heeeeee

  7. Jinksy please that is just insane
    Of course the stomach stirs the brain.
    You didn't eat something a little spicy
    that turned your thoughts a little dicey?

  8. Bruce-
    I don't need spicy - I have wit -
    or maybe, I am just a nit!

    (Email me and you will see
    just how quick a repartee
    I can give to all your rhymes.
    This way is slow, plus too few lines!)

  9. What a fun gurgle poem. Nary a gurgle in my drain but you'd run in horror at the sight of the hair clog that I removed from it yesterday.

  10. In the night a noisy gurgler
    Might always be a belching burglar!
    Keep a truncheon by your bed
    To hit the Gurgler over the head!

  11. I wish that I could say that my sleepless nights were as productive as yours!

  12. This reminds me of something Dr. Seuss would write.

  13. Rinkly Rimes -

    No thief would dare to climb my stair,
    once he saw me waiting there
    with wits as sharp as any knife-
    he'd be too scared he'd lose his life!

  14. Duvet, I'd pull up over my hair,
    if at night, this noise I shared
    with no one else to make it right,
    I would simply die from fright!

  15. Wanda -
    A Gurgler’s not a fearsome beast,
    Not to me, for one, at least.
    He simply wants a little drink –
    Though why that is I cannot think!

  16. You're wits are working today!
    Mine are just waking up. I enjoyed this silliness.

  17. Love the smile you gave me this morning!
    We can be lighthearted can't we?...and it is always most intriguing what becomes our subject matter. What fun. LOL

  18. I am with Cheshire Wife--my sleepless nights fail in comparison to yours.

  19. I would attempt a bit of poem before boltin'
    But that territory's been covered by Coltin
    Would that I could be half as witty
    But my poems always end up just no good at all.

  20. Suldog -

    You’re a master of insinuation –
    I am full of admiration!

  21. because of you{ a mario lanza tune} i start anew my poetry writing carreer, yes BECAUSE OF YOU and those silly littl rhymes of yours i am now on a bent toward stardom, yes on my present blog a masterpiece of an innaine effort::::::grandfather tribute which will become infamous in it's own write, yes because of you jinksy, i the ignoble enigma, will surpasse bob wit in style and in form and in content to bvecome the GREATEST OF THE GREATS,

  22. One never knows where and when inspiration will stream down, or gurgle up. My best moments seem to occurr at odd times too.

  23. Yay, Jinksy, you came through anyway. You can always pull out a great poem and usually so fun and it doesn't seem to take much for you to do it.
    I know what you mean about waking up and getting an idea. I really like your words by the way.

  24. And another email from Wanda said-

    Maybe he just wants a link
    to the world above the sink
    Maybe that's the only reason
    causin' him to do his teasin'!

  25. I think you're sarcastic! I'm not a good poet!
    But, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    I start out fantastic, but usually blow it!
    And my finales usually stink like a big old dog that's been out in the rain.

  26. I wish those kinds of words would come to me in the middle of the night. Very witty. Not everyone can laud drains so well.


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