Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Look Out People!

On clicking the 'Comments' tab which appears on the dashboard page of Blogger, I saw that mine was telling me nine thousand plus comments were on the list! Now, this seemed like an awful lot of wasted computer brainpower, so I clicked 'select all' and 'delete'. As soon as I'd done this, I had misgivings. The screen told me 25 comments had been deleted, and when I went to my latest blog page to inspect the damage, 25 of my 36 comments received regarding Auntie Dorothy, had indeed been deleted FROM MY BLOG PAGE! Not from the stupid list under the comment tab of the dashboard, as I'd expected. Thank goodness the 'all' wasn't ALL, or I'd have no comments anywhere.

I can't believe
1) That I was daft enough to trust anything on Blogger without asking somebody else first, and
2) That Blogger has such an apparently useless feature in the first place.
Any comment may be deleted at any time by the blog owner, so why this confusing belt and braces job?

 Apologies to all my lovely followers who took the time and trouble to write me explanations of their own name likes and dislikes. I have inadvertently resigned them to the great Hole In The Sky where such Blogger Gaffs finally come to rest. I'm SO sorry, people!

LATE EXTRA Some mistakes can be rectified! By laboriously going through my email notifications of comments, I've managed to re-instate all except seven of those I deleted. Although they show the Jinksy name on them, the correct author's name does appear at the end of each. Better than nothing, eh?!!


  1. Arrgh - horrors! Glad you've retrieved most of them, anyway :-)

  2. Odd. Just tonight I was looking at the "delete comments" button...and decided I'd better stay well clear of it. I see I was justified in that decision.

  3. flushed down the blog. steven

  4. Jinksy - it's just the same with "delete" in gmail! "Select All" means "Select all the 25 comments showing on the screen at the moment" - not all 9000 comments on your blog! Yet another example of the "experts" being so clear about what they mean that they just can't understand why it isn't clear to the non-experts.

  5. Geez Blogger comes up with something different every day.

    Most of my comments vanish somewhere before I hit post. and I have to write them all over again.

  6. My son is always telling me that most things can be retrieved if you know how to do it. (which I usually dont.) We have just bought a new TV and just switching it on is pretty traumatic.

  7. Thanks for the warning. I suffer from the same comments-vanishing-act as NitWit1 suffers from. But I don't believe we can blame Blogger for that. It's my laptop's keyboard. I'm leaning on the wrong part and swoosh - comment disappeared (it nearly happened as we speak).

  8. Thanks for the warning.
    I've never used that button; will check it out, without clicking on delete.

  9. Blogging is an endless adventure .
    When in doubt , don't !

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