Sunday, 27 February 2011

Photo Fun

How's about this for a picture to start the memories flowing? Totalfeckineejit, The Poetry Bus driver and original instigator of the whole thing, has given us a selection of photos, with a request to write fourteen lines of poetry about one of them as the price of a Ticket To Ride in his vehicle this week.

Mention of fourteen lines made me think 'Sonnet', a poetic form of which I am inordinately fond. But being contrary, my muse kicked that idea into touch, and instead came up with a more light hearted set of seven rhyming couplets, of sorts, to add up to the required number.

The photo itself is so delightful, I can't resit the temptation to cross reference it to Alan and Kat's Sepia Saturday, despite this being Sunday, and despite the Poetry Bus journey starting on whichever day the driver revs the engine!

Lazy Days

Once life was leisurely,
simple, pleasurely.
A donkey and cart
pleased a boy's heart
when he held the reins.
The ill gotten gains
of a day in the sun
for everyone,
might be found
in hedges around
the place.
But to chase
the berries or flowers
might take hours!


  1. (Deceptively)Simple , beautiful.Or rather, Simply beautiful Jinksy. Just lovely.

  2. I have in mind Lee Marvin singing Wandering Star. Lovely lazy leisurely stroll back to the simple joys of life.

  3. What is so lovely Jinksy is that it didn't matter if it did take hours in those days.

  4. I wonder if anyone ever lives that sort of life now. Everything looked so innocent then though I'm sure there were deep, dark secrets in abundance.

  5. I had thought that all 14 line poems were sonnets whatever their rhyme scheme. Now, I'm not sure, and since you are the poet, I imagine you're right.

  6. We have got too bloody complicated, and sometimes forget the joy of a simple and probably more pure kind of living. Your poem captures the sense of a different time very well Jinksy!

  7. But you make it sound so fun!

  8. Ahhh, what a lovely journey back to simpler times (without the pain of the poverty, chillblanes and child labour)! Wonder if our kids will one day hearken back to these "simpler" days?

    Smashing little verse, you never disappoint!

  9. Pleasurely? You sound like the character Tracy in Suzie's House. :)

  10. It makes me feel sunny and warm to read.

  11. The really wonderful thing? I remember those days you have written of so beautifully!

  12. Can't help but smile at this one. Full of sunshine.

  13. A tricky little poem Pen. It seems so simple. Is it really? - Dave.

  14. Absolutely charming! I could get lost in the poem and the photo. Haven't been by TFE's yet and your poem is the first indicator of what he has in store this week....may it be a good week for you.

  15. Who cares if it is Sunday (or even Monday when I am reading it) A delight is a delight whenever.


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