Monday, 7 February 2011

Those Were The Days

Way before the advent of towns and shops, let alone supermarkets, people set great store by local markets. Self sufficiency was a way of life, but villagers still needed to buy, or barter for, produce not of their own making. Today, Monday's Child has an illustration by Kate Greenaway, of one such market, for which I've supplied a little ditty for the youngsters - or the young at heart - which amounts to the same thing! Thanks, bkm!

The piper played a merry tune,
though dressed in night attire.
He should have waited for the moon
to peep around the spire!

The butcher looked on with alarm
but children ran a-pace,
for music added extra charm
to the quiet market place.

Lady Greensleeves could, I'm sure
sell her cabbages to kings,
or stripey marrows to the poor,
for they were handsome things.

The baker balanced on his head,
with careful concentration,
a tray of pies and rolls of bread -
he deserves our admiration!

The villagers from far and near
soon came to join the fun.
That market day, it's very clear,
was enjoyed by everyone.


  1. Such merriment and bonhomie
    flowed like apple cider
    Lady Greensleeves sang
    with the village band
    and the butcher decided
    to play the pied piper

    He played his flute
    with cracked jocular toots
    and the laughing villagers followed
    He pulled out a pistol
    said you silly galoots
    it's your money that I'm hankering after

  2. As I hope you know, I like all of your stuff. This, however, seems taken directly from classic childrens literature. It really should be part of a well-illustrated volume - "Jinksy's Book Of Childhood Verse", or something of the like. Very well done.

  3. I agree with Suldog ;-) You could make that book you know. Check out and take a look around their bookstore. Lots of people with far less talent have gone before you. You can make your own book and sell it through them I'm sure. It's just an idea ;-) (But if you're making lots of profit, I'd like a share of course. hehe)

  4. I must say , your market sounds a lot jollier than ours ! We just have a couple of pan-pipe playing South Americans ... and not a pie in sight .
    A wonderful poem ! Thankyou .

  5. You wrote that? It's not something from childhood? It's lovely!


  6. What a perfect nursery rhyme you created, Jinksy. I feared this was a lost art. Clearly not!

  7. This makes me smile. You did such a great job.

  8. Oddly enough Pen, although I am pretty ancient myself, I don;t remember markets as a child.

  9. I just love Kate Greenaway's illustrations.I always have.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Your poem reminds me of my childhood learning lyrical, whimsical poems by heart. I love the illustration, too.

  11. What a lovely children's rhyme! It flows and you can just imagine a parent sitting and reading the story to a little kid!

  12. This is marvelous, Jinksy. Bending words to your will, as per usual. This honestly reminded me of some of the poems in my son's favorite book when he was small. My grandmother (who is, by the way, still a going concern) bought it for him at a library sale.

    You made time travel with a great big grin, Jinksy.

    Market places have come back, you know. The whole "sustainability" issue encourages people to buy locally grown produce so there are farmer's markets (and they are considered quite chic) in every big city now.

    Everything old is new again, eh?

  13. Love it! You definitely have 'the gift of words.'

  14. Concentration and admiration, brilliant! Wonderfully done as always :o)

  15. you make me long to go to one of these....

  16. We have a local store in this little town of 1200 people. The produce section has maybe six heads of lettuce and four green peppers and a few apples and oranges and potatoes and onions. The basics. The fresh meat we order in small bundles and it is cut and wrapped in butcher paper and we pick it up the next day. This is like living in the "old days". No farmers market here. Maybe in the next town which is only able 20 miles from here. Your poem about market day is similar to how it is in our town but your poem is so upbeat and describes the joy of people coming together to share the bounty of what was grown and what was baked.

  17. A perfect rhyme for Kate Greenway's beautiful and whimsical illustration! Can you hear a tune in your head? I think it should be put to music.

  18. Thank Goodness, Jinksy back on form.
    Another of Jinksy's gems; I am glad your recent episode of dangerous medical intervention has left both your funny bone and your rhyming
    (sweat)glands intact.

  19. A nice poem Pen, that goes well with the picture you have included. I thought rallentanda's little addition as a comment was quite good to - Dave

  20. Jinksy for Childrens' Laureate!

  21. I love outdoor markets. We only have them a few weeks in the summer. Great poem, of course. I also read your previous post with mounting anxiety. So glad you are okay gal. Blessings

  22. And, you know, our local farmer's market performs so much the same functions--including chess players in the middle of the stands and often a fine little band down at one end. I miss it greatly when it closes down for the winter.

  23. I LOVE this! It reminds me of the joy of childhood... reading a wonderful poem and suddenly entering a busy marketplace, filled with "pies and rolls of bread" and the sweet sounds of music.

    (Also, it reminds me a tiny bit of a weekend market near me... I always enjoy dropping by and watching the festivities!)

  24. Me too, me too, I enjoyed this market day.

  25. A wonderful Monday's Child that makes for a wanted trip to the market place - bring on spring and joyous times....bkm


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