Sunday, 6 February 2011

A Serious Note Creeps In

In one of those Blogland coincidences, as a subject for his Sunday 160 characters, Monkey Man suggested 'War?', then proceeded to write a fun piece about a different kind of explosion. But the word to me has a profound meaning, for I was born during one, and grew up with its aftermath in evidence all around the stricken city of Portsmouth. Which perhaps explains my own 160 this week.

I think wars create more problems than they solve. The warring factions need to communicate, understand their opponents viewpoint, or hostility will continue.


  1. I agree that wars often create more problems than they solve but must concede that sometimes they are unavoidable, much as I would wish it to be otherwise. It is the civilian population that always bears the brunt.

  2. yes if only more people thought like you!! As the song says "Give Peace a chance!" c

  3. Right you are to take a serious note with this. The human propensity for violence is puzzling and appalling, as is the idea that violence is the a solution to any problem.

  4. Well, of course they do, and I do tend to think that if women were in charge there would be less of them, but .. maybe in these days of PC/'equality'/capitalism and just plain 'I'm as good as you are if not BETTER', I'm wrong.

    Men (and women) are aggressive creatures, let's face it.

  5. Jay - sad but true, I'm afraid... Aggression rarely helps anyone...


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