Monday, 28 February 2011

Who Could Resist

A Fairy? Look at this one for example. What is going on I wonder? Here's my guess!

All very well saying "If the shoe fits!" in that wise way, but why not use a bit of Fairy Powder to produce a perfect match, shoe to foot?

This is my Microfiction Monday 140 characters for Susan over at Stony River, where you can find more examples of brevity for your amusement...


  1. Very clever easement for "If the shoe fits...". I enjoyed reading your blog!


  2. very nice ! gift of the custom shoe! thanks.

  3. She'll make that shoe fit in every way possible! :O)

  4. Wish I had some of that dust for a couple of pairs of my shoes!!! Fun take for the pic of the week! Have a great day!


  5. Lovely, all of it.

    You know, I've long suspected that it was my cats leaving bits of string and whatnot in my shoes, but now I can't help but wonder if it might be shoe fairies...


  6. I would love a shoe that fits only me prfectly.
    Lik Cinderella! Very good take.
    I'm a follower now, nice to be here!

  7. that would be so wonderful!!
    I need a shoe fit fairy

  8. Love the practical advice...even fairies need shoes on occasion! And I really like how you coloured the picture...a brilliant idea.


  9. Good one. I like what you have done with the picture also.

  10. Fairy Powder may be the cure that is good for what ails you!!! (And if nothing ails you, it's good for that too--as my dad used to say.)
    Loved your MM this week. Cheers~

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