Saturday, 27 August 2011

Brush Up Your Smile!

For Sepia Saturday! I do believe I missed this one out when I posted a series of my Dad's drawings a while back. Anyhow, even if  I didn't, and you've seen it before, I'm sure the smile will be just as welcome. And look at that brush! How apt, since my recent escapade into the painterly world of pictures - even though mine are created with a pen, not a brush.  
(Some of them can be seen HERE, on In Tandem, if you're curious, as I've been posting one or two each week as prompts for Blogpal's writerly muses!)
Now remember - keep smiling!

Late Edition Extra - or something...
It's six o'clock Sunday morning now, and  here I am, wondering about an I Saw Sunday post, and thinking how Happy's smile has no sell by date attached. He is as chipper today, as he was yesterday, as indeed, he was in 1939.
At this point, I decided he'd make an ideal subject for Susannah's ISS, too. The more he can paint a smile on people's faces the better. So I hope he can add one to yours for a moment, regardless as to how the rest of your day is unfolding. A smile always makes a day better...


  1. Oh to be able to draw with that kind of confidence Pen - my first husband was like that - he would pick up a pencil and just draw it,. I am far too tentative and it shows.

  2. Oh its one of the Seven Dwarfs......
    Such a talented dad. That is where all this artistic talent comes from!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Oh, a new one to me. Terrific! One of the 7 dwarfs, yes?

  4. Pen, your Dad was certainly a clever artist. I like that picture, and it encourages a smile - Dave

  5. What a treasure to have your dad's drawings.

    This one is so cute, and makes me smile.

  6. Drawn at the onset of conflict. The enchanting sepia tone speaks of a vanished world.

  7. That's very good. I admire those who have artistic talent, as I have none. We always want what we don't have.

  8. What a great picture! And drawn in the year my Mum was born. :-)

    Thanks for sharing this with I Saw Sunday. It is always good to have you join us. x

  9. and what a smile this is!!
    thanx 4 sharing!!

  10. There's life and movement in every stroke. Wonderful.

  11. I think they needed to smile even more in 1939 than we do now...

  12. Love Happy. He reminds me of one of the 7 dwarfs in SNOW WHITE . A smile is infectious. How can one ignore or turn down a return?


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