Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mercury Retrograde

And communications tend to go haywire at such times...Maybe that's why I couldn't get Dr Who on the line here this week!
This is my offering for Susannah's I Saw Sunday.


  1. Great picture Jinksy! There are not too many of the old style ones around these days!

    Yes, mercury retrograde, remember to back up your files too. :-)

    Thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday.

    Always good to have you on board. x

  2. I would so love to see a "real" one of these!! They are so pretty, to me. I understand that they are becoming collectibles. Beautiful shot. Regarding your black bear, Boris...I do hope that Boris is in better shape than the bear in my photo. Those bears in my photo are "stuffed" and hanging on the rafters of a restaurant. :)) (They are toys...not the real thing, thankfully!) Thank you for your sweet visit, Jinksy.

  3. I've a friend who has a pair of these on his desk at work. :-)

    I suppose there are not many left. There certainly aren't many phone booths remaining in the U.S.


  4. what they need to create is a cell phone booth where people can have their private conversations privately.

  5. Communications and body parts. I have a very sprained ankle and I'm blaming it on Mercury! ;)

  6. Nice shot. Now that brings back memories to days gone by.

  7. This is not a common site anymore (though it conjures up many memories.)
    I have seen a few in peoples' gardens though...... they have presumably bought them from the Council.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. To me this is a quintessentially British sight, like those double-decker buses, that I hope doesn't disappear completely. I am not sure why I hope that as I have never been there and probably never will be. :)

  9. I haven't seen a phone booth in years and years.. I think we have only one public phone in town.. Thanks for visiting me.. Have a great day!

  10. More importantly Jinksy, does the phone inside the red box work?

  11. I was going to ask if there were many of those remaining, but the previous comments have given me the answer - no. Too bad. They are lovely things, and whenever I think of England, I think of those and how we saw them everywhere when we were there many, many years ago.

  12. maybe i could blame that....hmmmm.... i am still mystified as to what blog is your 'real' one!!! ;)

    take care as it's still slip sliding, i presume xoxo


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