Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Life's A Beach!

Some people build castles way up in the air.
but a castle of sand is enough for this pair.
Close to the sea edge, the waves will surround
and devour its ramparts too soon, I'll be bound,
for the girls to complete it. That's part of the fun -
it will give them a reason to make a new one!

This is my In Tandem offering for Margaret Bednar's painting this week, and it's also linked to The Poetry Pantry.


  1. So very sweet. The girls will love it and it reads so sweetly - as if it was out of a children's book :)

  2. This should definitely be printed on that postcard.

  3. very light and airy poem...not caring that the surf takes the castle just allowing it and starting a new one...i like it..

  4. I love it Jinksy. Makes me wish I was ten years old again!

  5. (kidding)I want to know if that's cheating -- to break a sentence in two to make it rhyme.(/kidding)

    Actually, it's quite clever of you.

  6. Sweet memories for these girls...

    like the picture ~

  7. I couldn't agree more; the fun is always in making a new one...then wanting to do it again...

  8. Ahhh those carefree days when you didn't mind gettnig sand in uncomfy places. ;)

  9. Practice makes perfect will be well used by the girls in question.


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