Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Starfish sky
holds luminous life,
deep ocean
where dark devours all light
but creates new rules.

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  1. Oooh, this is perfect for the picture! Just right! Wonderful. :-)

  2. There is so much to ponder in your shadorma, especially dark devouring light and creating new rules. What comes to mind immediately is the terrorist acts in our modern world which seem to have turned the world upside down. And the very fact of the name star-fish of course joins the ocean and the heavens. Beautiful!

  3. No overtones of terrorist acts intended Ann - I was simply in water world mode, under the ocean. :)

  4. Wheels within wheels in a spiral array
    a pattern so grand and complex
    Time after time we lose sight of the wave
    our causes can't see their effects.

    Rush (Canadian band)


  5. love the water and blue imagery, well done.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. you never fail to impress.
    stunning work.

  7. Looks like jewels to me. Beautiful pic.

  8. I'm glad I didn't read yours before rushing off on my own trail - I would have been inhibited by your inspired shadorma.

  9. Viv - inspiration, not inhibition is the name of the game, m'dear! I'm just glad you leaped before you looked, if you see what I mean?! lol :)

  10. Love starfish sky! I do see the ocean's depths... and outer space.

  11. "luminous life" to "dark devours". I really like the contrast!

  12. Love this one, too. ;^)
    Just returned from a beach vacation (it sounds so glamorous...and parts of it were, but I went as the built-in Grandma/Babysitter) nevertheless...I did see some spectacular scenery! ;^) One of my daughters walked down to the beach at night and splashed in the ocean and said that something phosphorous was glowing in the water and on her skin! It sounded magical! (And kind of creepy.) ;^) I would have loved to have seen that!


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