Sunday, 16 May 2010

Big Thank You Time

To everybody who left little ditties and kind wishes, many thanks. As I looked at all the comments this Sunday evening, I needed to write a few lines to mark the day. You are a great bunch of blogpals!


We tend to take for granted
the days when life is good,
and forget to be as grateful
as perhaps we should.

If we start to count our blessings,
they can chase the blues away,
and create a shaft of sunshine
on an otherwise dull day.

For time we spend complaining
only makes our spirits sad.
So here I am, proclaiming
let's cheer up and be glad!


  1. How lovely of you to put your thanks in a poem.......You are much beloved my friend and I hope you are feeling much better.
    Enjoy your Sunday......:-) Hugs

  2. It's all about attitude. Two people can go through similar adversity. One might be defeated while the other soars.

  3. Yes..... always something to give thanks about.
    Good little poem!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. No, Jinksy, that's not like you.
    Nicely grateful ditty? Where's the lovely scratchy, wickedly witty Jinksy gone? In a tizz with the dizz?
    Only joking.
    Hope all will soon be well with the horizontals and verticals.

  5. Always a smile here with you, Jinksy! Love you! Hope you are feeling much better! ~Janine XO

  6. Have been "otherwise engaged" fighting the bureaucracy of changing a web host. I still haven't won the day, but they have capitualated on several points. They WILL capitulate on ALL before I am finished!

    I mention that, because I surfed through 'The Diz' without leaving a comment. Mainly because you brought back a wonderful memory of the ARMY (I am ex-RAF) test for 'Audibility'.

    Briefly, it also takes two for this test, the assistant who rams a finger in your right ear (the Army are very precise in following instructions - it is always the right ear first) whilst the doctor 'sends' various tones from a machine. You indicate when you start hearing them. The assistant then changes hands and your left ear is blocked whilst the doctor goes through the same procedure.

    It took years for the Army to rumble the fact that their results showing a preponderance of deafness in the RIGHT ear was caused by the assistant compressing the wax in that ear, making it impossible to hear anything!

    Lose 'The Diz' and get better!

  7. You are SO right!
    I hope you soon overcome the dizzywobbles.

  8. I think you may be on the road to recovery if you can create rhyme, although I know you think in rhyme.

    I truly hope things are getting better. Nothing like a rotating, whirling world that is rotating faster than it actually is.

  9. So how are you feeling now?

  10. What have I missed? Are you feeling better? You sound all up and about and curious as ever. Blessings are in order.

  11. So... have you undergone the weird treatment by the doctor with the sexy accent yet? And did it work?
    I truly hope you feel better Jinksy dear, and that poem of yours should be put to music. It will make a lovely song ;-)

  12. thankfulness beautifully expressed jinksy!! steven

  13. We were muses! HA. So honoured. Wish I had a little of your poetic expression ability. Alas. Some of us will just never be refined enough to write poetry. I am, and will probably remain, a blockhead when it comes to the English language.

  14. what lovely prose and a great reminder that this is such a wonderful life! a few bumps in the road? of course. but definatly made so much richer when you have friends walking with you! best of mondays to you, jinksy :)

  15. I don't believe my advice was useful, but it was well-intended and I thank you for the thank you!

  16. Let me know how you are. Hugs to you!


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