Saturday, 22 May 2010

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

The spider builds
his fragile web

creating spangled universe
with self as the centre.

What thoughts go spinning
through his head
as spinnerets
send forth their threads

of glossy, tensile silk?

Now I'm getting daring, you see? Way back, using my Arcsoft+Paint program, I played with an early morning photo of this unsuspecting spider. The original picture was no great shakes, but once I got the blue effect here, I liked the way the background resembled a beach, more than a boring road and pavement. The whole atmosphere changed. I tucked it away in some odd corner of my computer, and there it has languished, forgotten.
But now I've broken my fundamental rule of no photos, I've decided to throw a few more variations into the melting pot. For a long time, with this Windows 7, I couldn't fathom out how to get anything from Paint to my ordinary picture folder. Then No. 1 Son explained how - attach the chosen pic to an email sent to myself, then I could save it in any folder I liked.
How come I never thought of that? Don't all shout at once!


  1. That's my kind of picture, jinksy. Very nice, the words and image combined.

  2. I like your picture and I am also one who never thought of that!

  3. Yep, pictures enhance the blog posts sometimes. You are having some fun with the Paint program. Great. It takes time to play around with the program and get comfy. Hope you are having a wonderful non-dizzy weekend!

  4. That's how it's done! Learning...

  5. Methinks you and I need to set out on an extensive course of 'Windows Live Writer', a tool you will already have on your computer hidden away in the 'Windows Live' folder.

    Once activated - and used - you will wonder why you didn't use it before!

  6. Your picture is of an exquisite beauty, I instantly felt in love with the whole "strangeness" of it! Your poem and picture, together, are a gem.

    I am glad you decided to use pictures with your post!

  7. Love it! And I do believe that photos enhance posts sometimes.

  8. I LOVE the photo. Go Jinksy + Paint Shop!!
    Terrific....and I'm glad that you posted a photo with your poem...they are both terrific!

  9. I'm very impressed by your artwork. Not only because I had no idea you could use Paint to adapt photos. Poem and photo together are beautiful.

  10. You are on a tear, my dear; you've become a photo-plopping blogger.

  11. I like the picture in your post Jinksy. It does add something. The poem's not half bad either!!
    Blessings, Star

  12. oooooooo....very pretty! I thought it was a labyrinth when I saw it postage stamp size!

  13. I believe that photos enhance posts but I never fiddle with a photo! funny isn't it the way we have fixed idea?.
    Loved this post.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Hello Jinksy,

    Although I have a photo manipulation programme that I enjoy tinkering with, I'm sure you could teach me things about 'Paint'! I'm not familiar with Windows 7 but I would have thought you could save an altered jpeg from Paint into your pictures folder without needing to email yourself.

  15. P.S. Both the image and the poem are great!

  16. jinksy, you're not going to hear nothing from me except a 'yippee' because i didn't know how to do it either!! you'll have to give him a big hug from many of us out here in bloggerland who are barely finding our way ;)
    and i'll have to say it again, THANKS for breaking your own rule because your spider shot is fantastic!! glad you found it and shared it :)

  17. Well I never!
    Plants and pictures, Jinksy, what happened? Have you gone delirious in your old age?
    And both are very handsome; with all this praise, there'll be no stopping you.

  18. I love the words and image together...really gave me food for thought...such an interesting meditation...the idea that the spider builds a universe...You ALWAYS make me see the world in a new way, Jinksy...obviously, you are BRILLIANT ;-) Love, Janine XO

  19. I love it, both of us playing with photos on weekends.

    One thing is for sure we do not have idle minds....

  20. And.. she's hooked! :) Nicely done!


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