Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Dismal Day

Damp Doggerel

It's a wet and gloomy morning
and the temperature is chill.
It must be time to write a rhyme,
be that for good or ill.

But I'll not give way to curses!
I'll dispel the air of gloom
by cranking out some verses
from this corner of my room

where the monitor is shining
in lieu of Mr Sun
who is currently in hiding.
Isn't he a thoughtless one?

He beamed away so brightly
for several days, it's true,
we thought summer was upon us,
as anyone would do.

However it was not to be.
Now we're back to feeling chilly,
because he can't make up his mind.
Mr Sun is such a silly!


  1. jinksy - it's hovering in the high twenties - low thirties here. with the humdex we hit the high thirties. this before june has even sent a calling card. no doubt this'll pass but for now, it's suck as much water back as you can and keep the air conditioner on please!!! steven

  2. Silly sun is right. We had this exact pattern a few weeks ago(very chilly) and after an hour of drenching-flooding-rain one day(3 inches), it turned warmer. It now feels like summer!

    Great poem!

  3. Funny how the state of the sun affects our moods and perspectives.

  4. While your mood has clearly blackened
    The rhyming has not slackened.
    So glad that bit of chill
    Could not freeze your hand and quill.

  5. Mr Sun has been too busy over here, that's why. We are enjoying some sun finally. It is 73F here today, wonderful. Sorry for your wet and gloomy, Jinksy.

  6. You had quite a drop in temperature didn't you. One minute it was 28 deg., the next minuter - 14 deg.! Must feel really cool today? I have the opposite problem. Can't go out because it's too hot.
    Blessings, Star

  7. And I'd like just a tiny bit of rain please. And then some sun again. And some warmth. Is it too much to ask?

  8. Very nice! I love that silly Mr Sun, too...he is being ever so nice today. It's now 92 degrees outside, the humidity is low...but rain will fall tomorrow...and Saturday...mayhap Sunday...but I dare not complain...drought was rearing it's ugly head just two short weeks ago...

  9. Hot to chilly,
    Cold to warm.....
    The weathers silly
    Is this the norm?

    Rain by night
    Chilly day
    Is there any sight
    Of the sun's ray?

    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. 'But I'll not give way to curses!
    I'll dispel the air of gloom
    by cranking out some verses
    from this corner of my room'

    looooove it!!! :)

  11. I've just caught up on your last post too, yes, I see what you mean.
    I hate to admit it, I dislike shades of grey, there is too much of it about. Life is so often dull and grey - I find it hard to be happy with it. On the other hand, a row doesn't please me either.
    Jinksy, there's just no pleasing some. Tough titty again.

    We had a a bright if not always sunny day here, just the right kind of day for ladies who lunch.

  12. Maggie May deserves an instant answer to her 'comment' - here's what I emailed her:-

    Norm's an idea, norms a word.
    Hope to find it? That's absurd.
    Far too many variations
    are woven through the many nations
    of our planet's blue and green
    (on view from outer space I mean!)

  13. And one for Friko:-

    Ladies who lunch?
    A delectable bunch,
    if I’m not mistaken,
    as good as they make‘em!

  14. Bruce:-

    My tiny hand's not frozen
    but my thinking cap was dozin' -
    or I'd have answered you in rhyme before today!

  15. Your words, Jinksy, as usual brought a smile to my face - yes it is freezing cold here too.
    Thanks for the e mail re the textile of yesterday's blog - would love any ideas you have. I thought I might try dyeing bits of calico with tea and coffee to get the right kind of colours - then use bondaweb to place them on a background. What do you think?

  16. it rained hard all night but its a bright sunshiney day...just in time for field day at my sons school...

  17. It is very cold and raining today jinsky. I am cozy and catching up on my blog. Thank you for the birthday wishes, have a wonderful weekend my friend and I love your poem....:-) Hugs

  18. Great, I loved the monitor shining in lieu of Mr Sun. Perfect.

  19. bring back last weekend's weather, this rain sucks :(

  20. I think the weather does a lot on our outlook. I read that in Seattle, Washington, where it rains a lot they have a very high percentage of suicides. When I was there I saw many ad panels saying “don’t do it, call us first if you are tempted” on top of bridges. Here there is so much sun that I am happy when I can see some clouds. We have many storms though, and tornadoes. It is like a small rain forest. The trees grow so fast. One tree this years is totally covering my husband’s car – you barely see the car from the green leaves all over it.

  21. Loved your poem about the sudden change in our weather - Mr Sun is such a silly - super. Yes, quite a shock to the system getting so cold again after that very hot week but today after some rain I look across the freshened green fields and know that Mr Sun will be showing his face again shortly. Do hope you are continuing to stay well, all very best wishes to you Jinksy

  22. LOL...LOVE that...Mr. Son is such a silly! Great clincher! This poem is certainly lighthearted and should chase ALL the gloomies away!!! You ALWAYS make me smile, dear poetry is such a gift! Love you, Janine XO

  23. You captured my feelings this morning,
    love the way you did it, with so much grace and humour! :-)

    While we blame Mr. Sun for his erratic appearance - the sun being male also in most romanic languages - in German they look to Mrs. Sun for comfort, Frau Sonne. The moon changes gender the same way, male in German, female in Italian. I notice that when I change language, I actually "see" the sun and the moon as different characters.

    I leave you with Cecilia Bartoli ever so gently singing "Vaga Luna che in Argenti" (Lovely moon, your silver light shines on these banks and these flowers, you inspire the elements to the language of love ...) that you hopefully can forget about the misdeeds of Mr. Sun!

    May the sun come back to your shores soon,

  24. You summed the fickle weather up perfectly. :)

  25. Just want you to know that my AF twin is in my thoughts....and that I hope that Mr. Sun has come out by now to brighten your day! Love, Janine XO

  26. jinksy, are you all right? It's not like you to go so long without posting...

  27. Loved this! Mr. Sun is visiting us, as he so liberally does - it's in the 90s! We'll send him for a visit soon.


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