Thursday, 20 May 2010

Not Exactly Green Fingers

A Gardening Confession

I've been scrabbling in my garden,
though that's too grand a name;
it's more a 'normous patio,
or something of the same.

It's a little urban jungle
with paving slabs galore,
but shrubs and weeds now flourish
where they never did before.

I'm an intermittent gardener
and not one of the best.
I'm inclined to stand and daydream
each time I take a rest.

My mind supplies the pictures
of the plants I'd like to grow,
if space were not a problem;
I'd have flowers, row on row

and ornamental grasses
and lillies on a lake
and hoards of flowering fruit trees
of every kind and make.

Instead it's more a wilderness,
with, at least, no lawn to mow.
The plants, all tough and hardy,
let me ignore, 'em, though,

until... Today I notice
things are getting out of hand,
and I have to grab my secateurs,
go out and make a stand

against the creeping leafy things
before I'm overgrown.
But underneath I'm grateful
that they grew all on their own!


  1. adorable! and so true for me too :) (I'm even glad to have maintenance in my building to do all the 'dirty' work)... kudos for those who do more...truly amazing!

  2. Though and hardy plants are my favourites. With about an acre of garden, I can't be bothered with plants that need too much pampering.

    Enjoy your spot of gardening ;-)

  3. A wonderful poem Jinksy. It can't be totally true, surely? :-) Dave

  4. good morning jinksy! your poem was so much fun, offering such a good picture in my minds eye...your plans, your dreams. your small garden may leave much to desire but i say 'little' gardening leaves more time for blogging ;)

  5. Penny - sounds like my garden -- outta control! But you have a way of making it charming and funny. Great way for me to start my Friday morning! : )

  6. Yes indeedy! Plants that take care of themselves are Just My Style!

  7. So much conveyed in 'scrabbling' in the garden. There are times when there is a little catch up to curb the enthusiasm of some of our plants. So true.

  8. Jinksy...I just love, love, love your poem!!!
    Your line...'go out and make a stand' is so true for me, with the flowers that spread so easily.
    I have garden pictures in my mind too!

  9. Awww I love that one Jinksy. I'm envious of your little garden. I have a black thumb. All I can grow is weeds.

  10. There must be something in the May air. This is the third blog I have read this morning that is about gardening. Pat (an Arkansas Stamper) and Yorkshire Pudding are the others.

    Their posts were not in verse, however.

  11. Such a nice description of your garden. I can relate to the mind supplying the picture of the garden as you would like it. That is the best way to garden isn't it?

  12. Delightful!!! I have been known to leave purchased plants in their original containers for two or three years after they should have been planted in more ameniable soil. Most of them have survived and flourished; Mother Nature intended for me to have them.

  13. Revealing prose. The Mrs. does not appreciate me day-dreaming during breaks, but I tend to do it as well. Fortunately, the new dog is a digger and we have almost conceded anything planted to his destructive ways.

  14. I'm accepting things as they are more and more; if they grown, I let them be. If they begin to die, after a while, I want them gone out of my sight. Though, I ignore these too as long as possible.

    It's an apt philosophy for contemplative gardeners.

  15. well i must add, it looks like my garden , but i do have much grassli which compounds the problem, but it is still freesing here {it is free and i sing} freesing -18 last night with ice chrstals all over the grease, i mean grass, and spinach all foozen, and beans won't go in untill may 30, i just don't DARE

  16. Secateurs! A new word for me to look up! Wonderful!

    (Really, I mean it. Delightful to find some tidbit such as that.)

    I have a notorious black thumb for the most part. Plants see me approaching them at the garden store and keel over, playing dead so that I won't take them home and make them really so.

  17. Oh this is a good one my friend, and you touched a spot in my heart as well as I fear my garden much resembles yours....:-) Hugs

  18. This was great! I think I need to buy plants like yours, the ones that will just grow and grow without any help from me.

  19. Haha, oh, I am so with you, Jinsky! I have an arrangement over here, hubby grows the stuff, I cook it..(wink).

  20. I LOVE this one!!! Gardening...sigh...mine is always a jungle...and definitely grows all on its own! Obviously, your subject material resonates with me...but your rhythm, cadence, rhyme and imagery are always spectacular! ~Janine XO


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