Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Personal Opinions

Do you see things as black and white?
Are some things wrong and never right?
Or do you allow shades of grey,
leave room for doubt within your day?
Can justice play a vital part
and let you have a change of heart
on something which first, in your sight,
was seen as wrong - until hindsight
made it clear another view
was possible, and could be true?

Blogger has wiped out half of my draft before I got to posting it! Perhaps it is fitting, as I was holding forth on the subject of injustice. There follows an approximate Take Two of what I had in mind...

Today I feel as though I have been treated unfairly by a friend who tends to see things in black and white. When I had the temerity to mention I believed in shades of grey, they became angry with me and terminated our telephone conversation without further discussion. I was not allowed to express my own opinion without incurring their wrath. I call that injustice.
(Of course, this black/white/grey analogy is a simplified interpretation of the actual subject matter of our conversation, but it serves for illustration purposes.)

Then I realised, in a global setting, the same kind of dogmatic thinking, with no possibility of civilised discussion to find middle ground, is the root cause of world unrest.
Personal opinions are a basic right, but as soon as they tip tilt into an 'I'm right, you're wrong' attitude, then dictatorship looms. The only sensible option is rational discussion until a solution can be agreed upon.

I'm staying with my black and white theme, to include another of my Paint doodles, as I promised (threatened?) yesterday. I called it 'Bending The Truth.' I wonder if you can see why?

(In an effort to remove a big blank space at the end of this post below the image. I've just decided to try a bit of editing!)
Sadly, it hasn't worked - sorry folks!
...Ooops ...now it has... ain't life grand?!

P.S. For anybody coming to this late, Broken Biro has today (Thursday) written a wonderful poem entitled Grey Areas, over on Fridge Soup. Do go and read!


  1. I love the poem and the doodle, and I do agree with you....mostly, especially re friendship being grey rather than black and white. I do, however, get a bit frustrated when, in our society, we use words like 'inappropriate' when it just means not having the guts to say something is plain wrong! Know what I mean? x

  2. The drawing is from your 'psychedelic phase' I presume? Either from the sixties or from when you were taking too much anti-hayfever pills? LOL
    I like it.
    And the poem too.
    And I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As long as it's the same as mine ;-)

  3. I'm with you Jinksy. My hubby is a black and white thinker and it's very depressing. I'm always having to find new and creative ways to express my opinion without seeming like I'm directly arguing with him over everything... we don't agree on much! lol. It can be exhausting - but sometimes he sees the error of his ways and the sun shines for a bit. Maybe a similar epiphany will shine on your friend. Or maybe you need a new friend.

  4. such good thoughts, jinksy. makes me think of a friend i've had for nearly 20 years now. we agree on so many points but there were always a few that we did not and she would become livid over that fact. i tried to tell her we weren't the same person but it took her years to confess that she felt i was always correct, so for me to disagree meant, at least to her, that she was wrong! and, we are still fleshing it out but with an understanding that wasn't there before!
    i agree with you that it takes a devotion to the truth, mutual respect, and time to work some things out. hopefully your friend will have a good think, apologize for her rude behavior and treat you to coffee and a sweet?

  5. I have never believed in anything being black or white except the colors themselves. There is always a grey area or common ground on which a good negotiator can help soooth and explain into a resolution......it was even hard for me (at one time) to accept the one's perception is their reality. I think that is why the world today is fighting so many wars and are so unhappy.........:-) Hugs

  6. " in shades of grey....expression lives....for never is love plain....

    where black meets white.....illusions lie and change among the grain"

  7. Some people have to be right. There's a lot of Ego involved.

  8. i am not giving you my personal opinion< i contend that in my life my mouth with it's opinions have got me into the mosat trouyble, but what i am worried about right now is you english and your methinks all the time in your conversations, methinks you guy are quite cute with your methinks...the putz

  9. A vexed question, Jinksy! I would suggest that compromise is possible on many things but not all. Our new government partners may have pushed their more extreme policies to one side in order to move forward but I don't for one minute believe that they will be forgotten or abandoned entirely. Respecting another's point of view is perhaps the closest we can get.
    I like your poem!

  10. As I age my personal opinions have as many shades of grey as my hair.

    I used to be more sold on my own opinion. I try to listen more and say less, but again I fail.

  11. I used to a black and white kind of person but the past few years have helped me mellow and now I enjoy shades of grey too. Mostly I was hardest on myself.

  12. Oh, Jinks...I'm so sorry...love should look beyond differences...

    Your poem is terrific, and I love the pairing of it with your black and white piece! A wonderful, and heart-wrenching post! Love, Janine XO

  13. I do feel for you - and you're right about extremism causing most of the troubles of the world.

    I just left you a poem on Fridge Soup about 'Grey Areas' ;-)

  14. Even those who see things in black and white (of which I tend to be one) should be honest enough to admit (which I do) that where the two merge, there will be a grey area.

    Also, there is a God and I'm not Him, and neither is anybody else.

    So even if I disagree with someone vehemently about exactly where and what the grey area is, I hope I would not be rude to them about it. If I want respect, I should grant it to others.

    However ... just because a person has strong beliefs does not automatically make them an extremist ... or dangerous. Some things are worth standing up for. Oddly those who immediately and vociferously decry what they call "extremism" don't mind becoming extremely extremist about those whom they deem to practicing extremism.

    That's what you call ironic.


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