Saturday, 12 June 2010

Even Stevens

 I thought today I would share a photo of my adorable No.1 Daughter in her mermaid finery. It's a good excuse for introducing today's dose of Tales From Jinksy's Past, and after posting one of No. 1 Son, is only fair.What was the occasion? A street party! But I can't tell you which one, for we ended up having three all together- one before, one during and one after the Queen's Jubilee Year. Our Close didn't like doing things by halves...We had a proper,party committee, and no details were overlooked.

The first year, I was in charge of the flag making crew, I remember, which was probably why, rather than all boring pennants, we made several flags shaped like knickers and pants, and spent a hilarious evening stringing them together, ready for the chaps to hang them from house to house across the road. They did stirling work, (the flags, not the chaps)for they survived all three of the shindigs! Though come to think of it, the chaps did stirling work too, as well as us chap-esses.

The police allowed us to close the Close (!) for the day, and we had an early start getting everything ready. One householder set up a sound system in his front garden, another turned her garage into a silver, bacofoil-lined, Grotto Bar, and a conjurer and a Punch and Judy man were booked for the afternoon, once the fancy dress parade (adults and children!) had finished.
Daughter's costume was so tight fitting she couldn't walk properly once she was in it, and a kindly neighbour carried her to the judging area at the appointed time. You can just see his shoulder being clutched...And yes, that is one of two scallop shells there - I used them to make a wonderful bikini top for my little mermaid.
By mid afternoon, trestle tables line up on the grass, groaned with the food we'd prepared, and the party really got going, with organised games, then fun, feasting and frolic late into the night.

I wonder how many of you have celebrated an occasion in such grand, communal style?!


  1. It is nice to go down memory lane with the old photos of the kids. We were doing that the other day and had alot of laughs and smiles over some of the things they did. I still have some of the flags and pennants the youngest had when she was in high school and college.

  2. I only have vague recollections of the jubilee, bad colonial that I am.

  3. I have never, ever, worn scallop shells on any occasion.

  4. Dare I tell you Jinksy that I can remember a street party in our Lincolnshire village for the Silver Jubilee (i think) of GeorgeV and Queen Mary! It was about 1936 I think and is one of my earliest memories because my brother won ared white and blue rag doll for me.

  5. Jinksy....I love your blog design...your photos with your posts are absolutely wonderful...and I'm thrilled to read about your celebration (of which I am totally unfamiliar...but delighted to read about... :)) )
    I have never used sea shells either (as commented by rhymeswithplague) :))...and the world is better off because I haven' me!
    What a wonderful blog...and your number one daughter is lovely. (I love the shells on her headband, too).....
    Quite a beautiful li'l mermaid is she!!!
    Hugs and love to you, Jinksy.

  6. i haven't experienced anything close to the festival experience you're talking about...what a wonderful memory you've brought today, jinksy! your little gal is a beauty, obviously takes after her mommy ;)
    the closest i could compare to is a neighborhood block party but there are only 5 family's who live on my was still so much fun!

  7. A rollicking good time! ...and a gorgeous little girl.
    Do people still *make* costumes? Ever? If they don't, it's a shame.

  8. Lovely! I bet she is still this sweet.

  9. what a party! it sounds like it was grand!!!

  10. Your lovely daughter looks extremely happy in her mermaid costume! Must be a great memory for her too!

  11. Isn't she an exquisite picture! And just as nice on the inside too!
    You are a lucky, lucky woman.

  12. Hello Jinksy,

    I was working in London during the jubilee and loved seeing The Mall and much else decked with flags. Didn't attend any street parties though! Lovely memories for you to have.

  13. What a gorgeous picture. I'm going to like your new series! Love the costume, pretty daughter!!
    Yes, I was involved in one too. Must look out the pictures. My middle son, Ed was 7 months old. I made him a hat made of playing cards, all Kings and Queens you see. It was a good year, 1977, wasn't it.
    Blessings, Star

  14. Great fun.. and clever costume idea. We like to party on our street too.. with annual streets sales and party... about a 20 hour celebration from start to finish. It sounds like your neighbours and mine would get along just fine. :)


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