Saturday, 19 June 2010

One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back

This is what seems to have happened this morning. When I sat at the keyboard, I couldn't stop my mind from seeing the illustration I posted two days ago, on Thursday. It had come out of nowhere, part of a larger Paint doodle experiment that, once on screen, I decided to crop. Rather than my imagination making IT, IT made my imagination see its potential - if you can understand the distinction. 

But that was not the end of it. After some more playing, I had completely altered the whole feel of the thing by simply intensifying the colours. like so:-

With two versions of the same thing for me to cogitate, I began asking myself "What's the real difference?" On one level, the answer had to be "None."
But part of me cannot agree with this statement. I believe that the theoretical Time of Day is the point at which they become separated. The first has an early morning feel, the second a brash, noon time brilliance.

I wonder what you think?

Morning And Noon

Morning light dances with graceful steps
across the distant hills, sprinkles the sea
with starry,diamond points. Like grains of gold
they ride the wavelets lapping on the shore,
and add their gleaming to the waiting sand.
What better natural partnerships are found
than sky and sun above bright sea and sand?

But noon intensifies both heat and light
and burns the scene upon each wondering mind
even as  branding irons leave their mark
of ownership on unsuspecting flanks.
So our senses bear the mark of beauty
once seen, a vivid blessing given freely
by a universe beyond our knowing.


  1. a universe beyond our knowing
    so true
    but it's so much fun trying to understand

  2. Well, Jinksy, I am drawn to the brash noon time brilliance! Comparison can be tricky because it could also be said that harsh noon light bleaches colour and flattens the undulations in the landscape. Both of your images have their own merits.

  3. Maybe understanding the universe is a tall order for a Saturday morning, Dianne! But we can but try... :)

  4. Morning is my favorite time of day and the way I see things is clear and pure. As the day wears on, I look at the same scenes and the look is not as clear. What is that about?

  5. I love your poem...and your painting...
    My favorite time of the day isn't addressed in either of your lovely works: sunset.
    ...Would it be possible for you to to a painting for me? :))))

  6. What happened here, Jinksy?
    I am away from blogland for three measly days and I come back to a whole new Jinksy. New blog, new content.

  7. I am an early morning person Pen - I love that early light. By noon it has begun to get a bit too brash for me and then evening light is a bit tired - give me that fresh look anytime.

  8. The Thursday one to me is an early morning on a hot Summer's day. The one above is clearly Spring ;-)
    Both are really lovely! You are clever with mouse and paint. Quite inspirational actually. Never thought of using Paint like that. Hmm....

  9. Your first creation gives me a vision of a seashore, while the second has more of a desert quality to it. I prefer the cool breezy look of the first, but that's me. The seccond has very lovely vivid colors though.


  10. They do have totally different feelings. I guess my preference is the softer morning feel.

  11. I like the vibrance of the colours in the second one.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. I love you description of noon. As a photography I dislike trying to get good images with noon time soon.

  13. A beautiful poem! But I'm a bit worried about my 'unsuspecting flanks'!

  14. Yes, the colors do indeed feel like morning in the first and mid-day in the second. What would dusk look like?

  15. Both are lovely but I prefer your first picture my friend......:-) Hugs

  16. The time of the day definitely makes a huge difference... I think I like this one best :0)

  17. I go for the first. The poem's fine.

  18. Lovely -and the new blog look is as lovely :)

  19. Love the Poem! Look at the result of your consternation! Now, then, let it rip again and again.

  20. jinksy, your poem is nothing short of fabulous! it amazes me that you write with such intensity...surely this is befitting your noon day paint/picture!

  21. Best of all ( always haS BEEN) EVENINGS...PARTICULARLY BY THE SEA...


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