Tuesday, 8 June 2010

You Need Feet To Walk To Scunthorpe

So says a song recorded by Bernard Bresslaw many moons ago. What it fails to mention is the fact that you would also need a pair of comfortable shoes.

This morning I have been taking photos of a pair of Birkenstocks which fall far short of my required comfort scale. One has a pleat in the leather lining in the exact location of my big toe joint, and despite my wearing cotton socks, it manages to rub a sore, red place on my foot each time I wear the shoes. I think I've only worn them three times since I got them!

Now I've sent an email winging with a cry for help, and photos attached. I wonder whether NatÜrlich Footshop GmbH customer care services will have any helpful suggestions of how to resolve my problem?

This shows the start of the wrinkly lining, which is building up to a crescendo by the time it reaches the area in line with my toe joint! Honesty bids me add the left shoe is absolutely fine, but unless I can learn to walk on one leg, the pair of shoes will remain in my no-go area.

***A kind of afterthought...here's a ditty I've just written, for good measure!***

When cavemen were wandering round and about,
I guess their bare feet must have let out a shout
when they walked on a pebble or rock that was sharp,
until one decided it might be a lark
to invent clothes for tootsies as fast as can be.
But who named these shoes, is a mystery to me.

What ever you call them, suffice it to say,
we can't do without them in our modern day
where cities and towns, with their mud, grit or soot,
mean no one with sense would walk there barefoot.


  1. Jinksy, Jinksy, taking pictures of shoes?
    I've read this again, searching for clues.
    Is something wrong than just with your feet?
    Is there much more than our eyes would meet?
    Please, please give us a yelp
    If this strange post is a cry for help.

  2. This brings new meaning to the phrase, "hopping mad."

  3. Bruce:-

    It's so kind that you wrote me a rhyme.
    If you send me your email, I'll drop you a line!
    You are picking up vibes, it would seem to me,
    far beyong those that most people would see
    by reading the story of bothersome shoes...
    Your ESP talents could appear on the news!

    What else is there to do but hop when only one foot is booted and spurred comfortably?!

  4. Your hidden messages I believe I do get.
    I'm bcoltin@comcast.net.

  5. I was reading too fast, as usual, and first thought your last sentence said "...the pair of shoes will remain in my go-go area," which gave me flashbacks of Nancy Sinatra singing "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and Petula Clark singing "Downtown."

    I must read more carefully in the future.

  6. Mama always said, "Take care of your feet and your feet will take care of you." Just sayin'...

  7. RWP:-
    "These Boots Are Made For Walking" was the song that earned me the nick name 'Boots' for quite a long time, as I had a predilection for such footwear in my younger days!

  8. Okay, now I'm picturing Jinksy in long black leather boots and fishnet stockings LOL

    The Germans will hopefully react efficiently and appropriately to your email. As long as you haven't mentioned 'the War' I think you have a chance of getting a refund or new shoes ;-) I think you should!

  9. Love that word...'predilection'! Sounds so Austen-esque. Hope your Birkenstock stock improves once the Germans get wind of it.

  10. And there I was, thinking of you travelling on angels' wings!
    I hope the Birkenstocks can be mended to encase your dainties in a tender loving embrace.

  11. Just goes to show from whence inspiration can strike, Jinksy. It will be most interesting to learn of the response from NatÜrlich Footshop GmbH. They'll probably accuse you of wiggling your toes too much!

  12. Jinksy - if my feet are not comfortable then I am absolutely useless. Thanks for your lovely rhyme on my Poetry bus blog!

  13. Jinksy-love that you are having photos with your blog. The blue background and brown shoes- beautiful. Do you have a bunion or is there a default with the shoe or both?? I'm picturing you in white go go boots with tassles- the ones that were about a foot high. Which was it the short white or the long black?

  14. Gar! I think my own Birkies just winced, looking at yours. Yikes. That you can find a poem hidden beneath the lining? Priceless.

  15. At home I am bare foot. Always have been. During the winter I wear socks but the rest of the time bare foot. The only Birkenstocks I own are sandals. I sure hope you get some satisfaction from the customer care department. That's a shame; your shoes look like they would be oh so comfy. See, you can't tell just looking on the outside.

  16. solution: cotton traders - the most comfy shoes ever... well maybe not quite ever but close to it :)

  17. Good lord! What imaginations you have, blogpals! Fishnet tights? Go-go boots? Tassels? Long black leather boots? I know I was an art student, but really! LOL :)

    And Tim, I don't think Cotton Traders cater for square shaped feet like Birkenstocks do...Though I have eyed up their desert boots in the brochures...

  18. Your poetry is sole, toes the line every time, will last, trips lightly from the tongue, and appeals to even a heel like me. If we ever meet in person, we'll have to lace one on together.

  19. Birkenstocks are usually so commfortable, and expensive.....I have a pair of sandals and I love them. I do hope they help you jinsky, no one should ever have sore feet, I know, I have neuropathy and suffer greatly......:-) Hugs

  20. What a great pity about the one shoe with the wrinkly lining. Even worse to have one perfect one than if they both went wrinkly.
    It must have been awful for our ancestors to have to wander about with no shoes. I guess their feet got shot to pieces with stones and things and infection would set in & that would be that. Don't we just take our footwear for granted?
    I need comfortable shoes.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  21. i will take a good old pair of leather sandals anyday...i hope they respond favorably...they should.

  22. They claim to offer 100% customer satisfaction so hopefully that's what you'll get. If not, they'll become your arch-enemy... (Suldog inspired me).

  23. I'm sure cavemen and -women were proud of their hard skinned feet. Not Dr Scholl's idea of good feet. That's progress for you ;-)

  24. Let's hope they sort it out for you... i can't imagine you learning to walk on one leg ;0)

  25. Very annoying for you; I love the poem and you really do have a point! Who called them shoes!

    I never have bare feet unless I'm just out of bed. Always wear slippers in the house, sometimes my toning trainers.

    CJ xx

  26. Hopping mad ?
    I , having remarkably delicate feet for someone so plebeian , like Ecco shoes . And endeavour to sit down as often as possible , preferably with a tapa or two .
    Good luck with Customer Service !

  27. If you take them back they will probably replace them. Birkenstocks should be better than that.

  28. Clarks clogs ... that's the answer. Like buttah ....

  29. ought to werar florsheims, i have bought the exact same shoe wing tips in either brown or black for 61 years putzy dear

  30. Why would anyone want to walk to Scunthorpe in the first place?

    I too often find myself wondering why a certain item came to have the name it has. Is it 'soup' because that's the sound you make while eating it?


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