Monday, 7 June 2010

More Of The Same?

Can anybody tell me the name of this blue and purple delight? It blooms twice a year, and manages to eke out an existence in the cracks between the paving slabs in my so called garden, where it self seeded, just to surprise me.

I thought today, that I'd stick with a colourway which compliments my crochet, you see!


  1. OOoooh Jinksy....I have been away from my blog...and when I returned, what do I see!!! Beautiful photos on your last few posts...and to top it all off, the colors are lavender. I LOVE lavender and I love red.... You are very good with photography!
    I love to crochet. Love it! It is more than theraputic to me. I end up giving away everything I crochet, but that's the fun in doing it!!!
    What beautiful work you do....not only with poetry, but crocheting and photography.
    Biiig smiles to you from Jackie

  2. I was just going to say, it matches your crochet work! Have you ever been to the blog Far Side Of Fifty? She is a horticulturist. She would know the name of this flower.

  3. That's a cornflower/bachelor's button flower.
    One of my favorites!

  4. Jinksy, I hate to disappoint you, it's a weed! In my garden anyway. It's name is Centaurea, or cornflower, knapweed. It flowers for the whole summer. If you cut it right back the moment it starts to flop, it'll stand up very quickly and flower again. It's quite pretty but its roots go deep and you will probably be unable to get rid of it, Ever.

    Some people consider it a pleasure, I don't. I give it gardenroom more or less only because I am forced to do so by its persistence to sling its hook.
    I leave it on walls and in wild patches only.

    You asked, mate.

  5. I meant refusal, of course, to sling its hook.

  6. Uh oh, Friko says it's a weed, and I just planted two. Mine don't look as fetching as yours either. :(

  7. Hello again Jinksy,

    Thanks for maintaining the blue theme! Cornflowers are annuals and come from seeds so shouldn't be difficult to get rid of, if anyone should wish to do so!

  8. One person's weed is another person's beautiful flower. Take me, for instance - in whatever way you consider would be appropriate :-)

    Yes, cornflower, as others have pointed out. I, personally, find them lovely.

  9. I love these and so do the bees, don't you know! I have lots of them in my English garden and they self seed every year so you gets more and more of them. Gorgeous. I like your pictures. Keep them coming.
    Blessings, Star

  10. It's a cornflower. We call it a Mountain Cornflower. No... we call it a Bergkorenbloem. Or Centaurea montana.
    Not the one you (used to) find in the fields. This is a perennial. And a rose would be considered a weed in a field of nettles. This is not a weed by my standards ;-)

  11. A few just popped up in my unruly garden this year and I quite like it too.

  12. I have no idea Jinksy but it certainly looks great!

  13. Beautiful colour , so definitely welcome .
    That sounds rather unkind , on reflection .
    As in "Only pretty weeds need apply". True , though .


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