Sunday, 27 June 2010

I've Thumbed A Ride...

...On the Poetry Bus! Not too sure of the etiquette, but I heard its revving engine and before I knew it, I'd hopped on board. Apparently, to purchase a ticket, passengers have to write a poem on a given subject, which this week centres around 'Signposts'. So here's my special rate, OAP fare for a Sunday runabout through the lanes of Blogland.

What Next?

The sign on the post just says 'Footpath'.
I think someone's having a laugh.
There's nothing ahead but a big field of grass
where surely no right minded person would pass
without a large map and a compass.                      

There's a dodgy old style to climb over,
and no sign of a green, four-leafed clover.
If this is the country, then give me the town
with people and traffic that roars up and down -
till it stops and gives rise to an impasse!

Oh, no! Now its raining and that's the last straw!
The pastoral scene is more dire than before
when the heavens are pissing all over the place
and the weeds grab your feet in their loving embrace.
The countryside's gift is a real coupe de grĂ¢ce.


On a completely different tack, after so many of you had commented on the word 'Thwock' in my post about the delights of Wimbledon, I was a trifle non-plussed to discover, thanks to Google, that the Urban Dictionary gave this as a slang term for penis. This knowledge caused one bright spark called Christine to email me with the following ditty, which I feel obliged to share, as it's too clever to pass unnoticed!

In Blogland we must not defrock
A blogger for innocent use of t****k
The reaction should not be to jeer
For working the onomatopoeia

Collins, Oxford, Chambers too
Provide on t****k no simple clue
They all record the feisty thwack
To mean a thump, or bat or smack

In pursuit of beauty we all strive
Keeping our lyrical language alive
You shouldn't snigger or snort or mock
When ladies of letters throw in a t****k


  1. jinksy i was thinking of days on the pennine way that would match this precisely!! excellent. steven

  2. The heavens do get carried away, don't they?! I left an award for you to pick up on my blog. You don't have to accept it ... I know some bloggers don't like them, but I thought it fit you to a T!!!!!

  3. This strikes a chord. So many of our walks have gone wrong, even with a map and following a public footpath.

    I loved coupe de grace (can't do the accent on the 'e') - chortle, chortle :-)

  4. Giggle...loved it! I came on bu from Snaps..nice to meet you! I am a budding poet..among too many other things LOL! I look forward to visiting again:) Namaste, Sarah

  5. way to put a smile on my face!

    One ride to continue :)

  6. That has to be one of your best (the first poem, that is). Really, just there to be enjoyed.

  7. hahaha slang for penis. Poor Jinksy must have been mortified, but I'm sure you learned to have a laugh about it.

    Cute poem! I love that you rhymed impasse with coup de grace. BUT I'm a bit irked that I now need to pull out my dictionary. Hahaha kidding.

  8. Loved your grass, pass, de grace poem! Your blog buddy, Christine, is no mean slouch at poetry, either. Thanks for sharing that.

    Oh, what slang corruptions or, perhaps, repeated common usage, do to otherwise wonderful words. Remember when "gay" meant "delightfully light-hearted?"

  9. I had no idea about thwock!

  10. I love your poem, dear Jinks...something about it that is so Seuss or Lewis Carroll. I think you need to illustrate it and publish!

    Christine is very good...and seem to collect an amazing group of friends, dear AF...

    Hilarious about your misspeak...I didn't know that slang term... many words corrupted...Have a wonderful week! Love, Janine XO

  11. You always make me smile Ms Jinksy!

  12. I thought it was pronounced "koo de grah"...

    Oh, well.

  13. did you know in some circles my putz means penis>>>so many don't blog to me because it conjures up so much disgust>>.oh well to each his own

  14. Ohhhh, you said 'pissing', hehehe ;-)

    I almost dare not shout: I'm coming! anymore for fear of sniggers or snorts. I say: use capitals to write THWOCK when you want to describe that sound in future. And I'll just shout to announce my due arrival.

  15. A well-deserved ticket for the poetry bus. Contrast your take with that of Weaver of Grass!!

  16. Perhaps Thwock is rhyming slangof some sort? As for your buccolic stroll, very funny-and true! Well done!

  17. I would have accompanied you on that grassy walk Jinksy had I known you were catching the bus. I am driving next week, so hope you'll catch it again.

  18. Got a chuckle from the first poem with the worth pissing all over the place. And was surprised by the word the second poem mentioned. I learned something new today. LOL I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just been sooooo busy. They say there's no rest for the wicked, apparently not. Even my 10 year old Granddaughter said, Grandma you only seem to set down when you go to bed. There is always something to do, right now I should be doing laundry, tomorrow I have to mow the backyard. Daughter is off work this week and she would mow, but I would rather mow then run the sweeper. So I'll let her do the sweeper, if she and the Granddaughter are at home. I think they have something planned for each day of the week. Have a memorial service to attend this evening, brother-in-law, 88 passed away. I haven't forgotten you. Have a great week.

  19. Had a few problems trying to respond here - but like the poem a lot. I'd be useless in the fields witha compass - my geography teacher was surprised i found my way home

  20. Hehe, I'm all for the city, myself. The countryside is just messy! Nice poetage and thanks for the warning about t****k!

  21. Hmmph! My comment disappeared into the ether, whatever that is - disgruntled! (Actually, I've never been gruntled - have I missed something?)
    Howsome-ever - I loved your poem and that of your commenter Christine. I am now obliged to stalk you - I mean, follow you. You have been warned! (It's sad, really, the lengths to which people will go to be noticed - me, that is . . . harrumph!)

  22. I have never encountered that word thwock and would not know how to pronounce it. I like the poems though and Christine’s witty verses.

  23. Your poem is spunky and makes me glad I live more in country than city.

  24. Great lines in the first one, but the second one really left me wordless. I am glad I didn't use the word anywhere yet. :)

  25. Your post really gave me a needed belly laugh this a.m.

    I remember a paid advertisement in a local newspaper for a men's clothing store that read "pure white s__t.

    Some proof reader probably lost a job over that.

    I took a nasty fall yesterday; I am on the way to clinic for CT scan to make sure I have no internal hematomas since I take blood thinners. I have an unbelievable bruise on my back. We are fairly sure no broken bones. I don't think I have a hematoma either or I would be faint from loss of blood. I mainly am sore and have some awful looking bruise.

    My fault-I disobeyed a cardinal rule of perching on ladders. Don,t overreach your work area.

  26. Hi Jinksy,

    Well, we might have pegged you for a townie! But I agree that squelching around in the mud is not my idea of a fun time either! Christine's poem is a hoot.

  27. Wow! I love it here! :)
    The untrod path is perhaps like the one which we make as we go...

    Lol! At the onomatopoeiac reference!

  28. Just stopping in to see what you are up to! Love you! Janine XO

  29. 'When the heavens are pissing all over the place' has to be my favourite line - and as for thwock, oops - like you, I've been using the word innocently for years.

  30. A definite nature land lover here Ms Jinksy...
    wet mud and more at my feet...I would not trade it for the world.
    Nice jaunt!

  31. Oh my, what synchronicity! Your first poem fits nicely with my post today about our walking tour in the Cotswolds. Yes, it rained quite a bit; yes, we walked through many a pasture and spent our evening picking sheep droppings out of our boot cleats. It was my favorite vacation ever and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

  32. I didn't know thwock mean penis! :0

  33. Oh, that is too funny - and if it's of any consolation at all to you, I also had NO idea either, of that other usage (laughing)..

    Love the whimsical, amusing verse of when signposts go wrong - I think we have all been there!

  34. footpath..FOOTPATH....does that mean penis also>>>i have to watch my mouth but you did put footpath in big bopld letters and i thought you meant something by it>>>>forget this post, ok??????


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