Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ask A Silly Question...

This one should give you all carte blanche to come up with a silly answer or two...providing , of course , you have managed to locate your own one without the aid of a medical practitioner. I have a sneaking suspicion there are those amongst us who may not wish to admit to having one at all.


Doctor, where's my funny bone?
We all have one; I'm not alone.
but where to find it, that's the rub?
It should be centred at our hub,
but books on bones don't seem to mention
one suffused with this intention.
So how should one attempt to trace
its mystifying hiding place?
Slap and tickle, jape or jest -
which would help us find it best?
Snort and snigger, laugh out loud -
how do we find it in the crowd
of all our great calciferous bones?
Please, can you tell me, Dr Jones?


  1. From what I feel, I've more than one
    Many and varied is my fun
    But, as one who likes a rip,
    Seems the biggest is below my hip!

    (That is to say, I like bumbles
    Slapstick slides and pratfall tumbles
    I think I like it best of all
    When some clown takes a backwards fall

    So, finding humor in contusion
    I must come to the conclusion
    It must be in a place uncanny
    My funny bone is in my fanny!)

  2. Ooh, I might have to apologize, Jinksy. Truly. I had forgotten that Americans have a different meaning for that word than you folks do. Ours means "rear end" or "bum'. I think it has a bluer meaning for you? Sorry.

  3. I always imagined my funny bone to be located close to my chuckle muscle.

  4. My chuckle muscle is working already, Martin, and Suldog, I'm well aware of the bum versus fanny in our 'common' language which got altered by the spaces in between! LOL! :)

  5. I'm always up for slap and tickle,
    though it can get you in a pickle
    of ginormous proportions
    undertaking such contortions!

  6. Ummm... not sure that was the question, Derrick!

  7. As far as I'm concerned, when I bump my funny bone it isn't anything to laugh at. Dang, it hurts! But the best part is getting a laugh at your poem which is right on funny. Thanks for your wonderful humor.

  8. Talk about a misnomer, honey,
    Give it a knock and it's not 'funny'.

  9. It really is in different places for different people.

  10. Your poem tickled my funny bone.

  11. i felt something . . . was that it?! cool poem. steven

  12. I never seem to have any trouble locating it whenever I visit.

  13. hahah love it and reading the word "Fanny" just made me chuckle. what wonderful followers you have xx

  14. if you find it, please tell me. I seem to have mislaid it today. It's chilly and mierable and I am cross with myself for bloghopping instead of doing something improving.
    As you can see, I need help, desperately!

  15. My dear Jinksy -- I am convinced that you can write a poem about *anything!* Love it!

    I agree with Rinkly Rimes; when my "funny bone," located at the points of my elbows in my case, is activated (usually by an unexpected light blow), the result is anything but funny! It's an un-funny bone!

  16. I'd like to meet bloke,
    And give him a poke,
    The name for the bone given,
    Wot's the idea driven?

    A "humorous" bone, indeed,
    But not when I hit it;
    A silly name for it, agreed?
    The pain has me in a fit!

  17. "Let me through! I'm a doctor! Don't touch his funny bone or he'll die laughing! And look! Jinksy's poem has split his sides! What a mess! I'll need to administer Laughing Gas until he can keep a straight face . . "

  18. THe medical definition is of the location of the funny bone is anything but funn.

    My Dad used to tickle me on my ribs and feet when I was very small and ask me if that was my funny bone. I didn't think that was too funny either.

    I guess 'funny' in this phrase useage must mean different from the norm??? Ha! But I love the poems, both yours and the other muses.

  19. I'm going to have to look up the alternative word to 'fanny'....to me, it's "da butt'....but...I think it must have another meaning??.... Love being here...always get a smile....and learn...more and more!

  20. So much fun!! And Jim's reply to your brilliant poem brought me a second chuckle...a little like having dessert after a fine meal! Loved this! As far as funny bone is concerned? I have no idea...your guess is as good as mine! Love, Janine XO

  21. I will let the cat out of the bag! Your "funny bone" is the single large bone in your upper arm. The anatomical name for it is the "humerus"
    Geddit? When you bang your elbow, you have in fact shocked the large nerve which lies over the end of this bone at your elbow and this is what "hurts" and now of course, I have somewhat diminsihed the humour in Jinksy's poem. Sorry J.

  22. All you first comers- I think I've talked to you already 'behind the scenes', but have added replies (below) to the ones in the back of the queue, just for fun.

    Tracy - don't I just? Self included...

    Friko - I have yours right here - feel free to collect it any time...

    Subby, NW1 and Pat - methinks you know the proper answer, but still find the question humorous...

    Jackie & Janine - see me after class for individul instruction...

    Doc - a cat in a bag is funny, but a sensible answer to a silly question is un peu de trop. I'll forgive you , just this once, but will expect sillier replies another time....

  23. Really funny one, Jinsky. Coming to your site after a while, was a little busy with work.

  24. My funny bone is my head. Oh yeah!

  25. I can answer your question, oh, Sis -
    It's the oh! lecranon process.
    To locate it just smack
    Your elbow 'in back'
    Which is certain to make you all cuss.

    So why is it funny? The bone
    In the upper arm has for its name
    'Humerus', which you will see
    Can be mistaken so easily
    For the word which means 'funny' to some.

    The olecranon process isn't actually on the humerus (upper arm bone) at all, of course, but is a projection at the top of the ulna, one of the forearm bones. Sadly for us, the main nerve supplying the lower arm runs in a groove between this and the bottom end of the humerus, so it's vulnerable to being knocked.

    You probably knew all that. And as others have said, it seems to mean different things to different people. Especially if butts are involved! LOL!

  26. So much fun, Jinksy.
    There is always a smile here.

  27. I find mine all the flipping time! Good poem.

  28. I just popped over to catch your latest two or three creations, and, as usual, I was not disappointed!

    My own blog of late has included a couple of poems, one by A. E. Houseman, one by Leigh Hunt, and one by the omnipresent Anonymous. The first two are serious, but your funny bone might have a chuckle over the last one.

  29. My funny bone lies very precariously in a bag which carries my day. It does get rattled about.

    I was in a store the other day when a woman wondered aloud why, just why! it is called a funny bone. I was staggered that she had no idea but I did manage to bite my tongue. Not my job to deposit my two cents where it wasn't directly invited, but I think on just how far we are slipping from language.



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