Monday, 8 March 2010

A Bit Of Monday Madness

Thanks to N M Bodecker the ensuing lines follow this recipe to the letter...

Sing Me a Song of Teapots and Trumpets
By N M Bodecker NOT jinksy, folks! How much more clearly do I have to say this?!

Sing me a song
of teapots and trumpets:
Trumpots and teapets
and tippets and taps,
trippers and tappers
and jelly bean wrappers
and pigs in pyjamas
with zippers and snaps.

Sing me a song
of sneakers and snoopers:
Snookers and sneapers
and snappets and snacks,
snorkles and snarkles,
a seagull that gargles,
and gargoyles and gryphons
and other knickknacks.

Sing me a song
of parsnips and pickles:
Picsnips and parkles
and pumpkins and pears,
plumbers and mummers
and kettle drum drummers
and plum jam (yum-yum jam)
all over their chairs.

Sing me a song -
but never you mind it!
I've had enough
of this nonsense! Don't cry.
Criers and fliers
and onion ring fryers -
It's more than I want to put up with!


  1. A real nonsense song. I wonder what brought that on? Ha ha!

    Nuts in May

  2. Parsnips and pickles? Pumpkins and pears?

    No thanks, I am having a suger-coated kids cereal for breakfast this morning.

  3. N M Bodecker's poem is madness magic, if any!
    I read that colon cancer took his life!

  4. Somehow I love this madness! DOES THAT MEAN I AM MAD IN THE DEFINITION OF 'less than sane?'

    This enjoyable ditty reminds me of Dr Suess.

  5. jelly bean wrappers... brings an image of individually wrapped jelly beans, can you imagine??? :) very cute post today

  6. I love this. You make me smile :).

  7. Because of the way the words bounce around, I found myself reading this at double time.

  8. Hello Jinksy,

    A toe-tapping titifala!

  9. this post not blog reminds me of bob's sing a song of sixpense blog the one beofore he had nothing at all to say, and then did have something to say>>>>i just used a lot of words maybe as many as 55 to say absolutely nothing, didn't i?????????

  10. Oh dearie me...we are on the onomatopoeia wagon together this week, dear AF twin!!!! I have just put finishing touches on a post for this coming Saturday in which I write a playful poem...but as always, your verse is sooooo much better than mine...I love, love, love Lewis Carrol-ish...puts me in mind of Jabberwocky and the Walrus and the Carpenter...Your poetry is genius! Love you, Janine XO

  11. Janine - I wish I HAD written this, but no, it was N M Bodecker...

  12. Now come along, Jinksy . . . bet you could add a verse or two!

    "I'll sing a song. I'm Bodecker's double,
    I'm Bo's double-decker
    A bedecked what-the-hecker . ."

    Come ON, Jinks . . you CAN do it! You know you can! LOL

  13. Doc- Is this how minstrels of old were expected to amuse their masters? Give us a break! Or at least time to finish my choc-ice!

  14. Sing me a song
    of turtles and twisters
    of twistles and twurtles
    and loppers and lips,
    lollypop lickers
    and lacy pink knickers,
    pliers and plumbers
    and fancy hair grips.


  15. I love stuff like that. Nonsense that makes sense!

  16. Hi, Jinksy...I thought when I read the NM Bodecker name that it was another one of your "Soup" friends that had given you the idea for the poem...ROFL...That'll teach me to read your posts without my reading glasses and before my morning cuppa!!! LOL...Well, I'll only say this...I think you coulda written this had you wanted to!!!!! So there!!! ;-) Love you, Janine XO

  17. And I think your stanza outshines the original ;-) Love~J.


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