Monday, 22 March 2010

Madness Returns

Can't keep it at bay for too long. Sorry, folks. Anyone who knows a of a remedy, please send it to me quickly, with instructions for use...

One For The Birds

Fardels and fol-de rols,
footloose and free
a jelly bean giggled
and leapt up a tree.
A bird on a twiglet
gobbled it down
but it wobbled inside him
and made Birdy frown.

"A wobble, a weeble
a splot and a splat"
Tree said to Birdy
"Regurgitate that
and once more your tum
will be peaceful and still."
When Birdy heard this
he opened his bill.

Out hopped the jelly bean
glad to be free,
and Birdy popped back
to his nest in the tree.
"A wobble, a weeble
a splot and a splat"
Tree said to Birdy
"And now, that is that!"


  1. Spring madness..there is no cure.

  2. You don't need anyone to be giving you a remedy, Jinksy. I loved ~ One For The Birds! Just live with it and keep us happy!

  3. "Put on your kaftan
    And drink some red wine.
    And well before nightfall
    You'll be feeling fine!"

  4. Ann, I think you're right, and Wanda and Shadow, you obviously both don't care anyway...
    But will that prescription stop the rhyming, Doctor, or only the madness?

  5. i come to your blog for poem appreciation lessons>>>>i have a brain freeze and have been unable to post>>>>also my wife bethinks me a dolt, and says my blogs are worthless which makes me not want to post i>>>ther>>that is just the way i feel like spelling either today>>>we now are getting towards a decent health care package, finally

  6. Oh beanie, my beanie
    it's brave that you are
    but stop being reckless
    or go back in the jar!

  7. You have a particular talent, and I say keep sharing it!

  8. Jinksy,

    that was superb!


  9. Putz - you must have a strong stomach, if you appreciate what appears on this blog..
    and Derrick, I never realised madness was catching? Technobabe won't mind though...

  10. Todd - you slipped in there while I wasn't looking! Crafty!

  11. But... But... What of the jelly bean? Did he (she, it) live happily ever after? Enquiring minds want to know!

  12. Suldog - I think I'll save it for your next birthday...

  13. or maybe not:-
    The jelly bean fell to the floor
    and wandered off apace,
    till he got gobble-lobbled up
    by a hedgehog in a race
    to eat as much food as he could
    to last him through the winter,
    a hibernating pin cushion,
    as spiky as a splinter.

  14. I was wondering where you were going with madness. Spring! duh. Here in the States the big annual college basketball tournament is known as March Madness and I have that stuck in my head right now.

  15. Jinksy . . you're our Olympic Gold MADalist!

  16. I love this!!! Moral of the story? Birds and (Jelly) Beans shouldn't mix...makes for a bad morning after...LOL...Love your spring madness!! Wish mine were as gifted as yours!!! ~Janine XO

  17. I am comfortable with this aspect of the muse. I suppose it is because I can chuckle and don't feel at all 'mad' ...

  18. Spring Madness......jinsky you have created a whole new season with your witty poems. It did bring a smile to my face. I always leave here with a smile on face actually....:-) Hugs

  19. Oh dear Jinksy, have an aspirin ready, to keep you steady.

  20. 'Can't help singing, Of the madness that April is bringing' (well, nearly). I'm with all you N. H. nuts in your Spring madness. I love nonsense rhymes. Aren't words wonderful!
    P.S Not National Health! Northern Hemisphere!

  21. Rinkly Rimes just added this in an email to me... Thank you BB!

    A jelly-bean fell in a birdie's nest
    Among the eggs of Spring.
    And the birdie said, not being impressed,
    'What's this queer little thing?'
    Nevertheless, she sat on it,
    Her instincts to the fore.
    When the jelly-bean melted
    She certainly felt it!
    She won't do that any more!

  22. We can stomach it; give us more, we're up for it.

  23. You know I'm only teasing you, don't you? with my accusations of OCRD?
    This is delightful!


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