Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lower Than A Snake's Belly

In other words, Worms. As Friko seemed to believe the subject of feet took me to new levels of 'downwards', I thought I would see how low I could go in my quest for scintillating subject matter for a Saturday.

Eventually, you will be able to see the basement where my 'Lift going down' took me. but I must have one last stop on the floor where the metallic voice announces ' Footwear - Children, Ladies, Gents and Freaks', in order to thank you for your various contributions to the subject. Brenda found the most dire warning for ignoring the consequences of badly fitting shoes, and Hilary surpassed herself with this collection of quips:-
" Darn those big feet.. they're such heels. Arch enemies, they are. They never know when to toe the line. They have no sole, I tell ya."
While Titanium had the right idea when she added:-
" Oh, there's hijinks afoot! (runs away, laughing)"
and Doctor FTSE highlighted the only reasons for having feet in the first place :-
"You need feet to walk to Scunthorpe, and to stop your legs from fraying at the ends."
Without more ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my latest flight of fancy...

Worms, Wonderful Worms

Snakes slither, slide and squiggle
around along the ground.
But juicy worms, they wriggle
and never make a sound,
squirming through delicious earth,
chomping it for all they're worth.

They act as nature's phoughmen,
have done for many years.
Will you please tell me how, then,
they trigger many fears?

Is it because they're cold and damp
that they give rise to shivers
in fraidy-cats, who, just like me,
soon end up with the quivers,
should an earthworm raise it's head
as we are scratching in a bed
of dainty flowers? Can't they tell,
we'd rather that they ran like hell?


  1. AT LAST! I'm first to pat the Jinksy back! Well done! Again, well done!
    ('Course , it's obvious that I'm just trying to worm my way into her affections!)

  2. Let me tell you, Doc, my affections are wormproof. Many worms have tried, but none have succeeded...

  3. OhOhOh . . to be called a worm after patting her one the back!

  4. Doc- I never called YOU a worm – I simply said that many had tried, and failed LOL! Besides which – don’t they say be careful what you wish for?!

  5. This is uncanny. Last evening, while preparing to put my dog on his leash for an evening walk, I found a live earthworm on my kitchen floor. I gathered it up in a napkin and threw it outside. Never before has something like this happened to us, and we have lived in this house for six years now. The house was new when we moved in so I can't blame the former residents. In 1973 we did find a small snake in a vacation house in the North Carolina mountains, but that doesn't count because it was not our permanent residence. I have no idea how the earthworm got in, but I helped it out posthaste. Then this morning I came over here and read your post. Weird. Just weird.

  6. Thinks- badinage rules OK ?

  7. RWP - blame either Friko for suggesting this post, or me for my ESP tendencies.

  8. Oh, damn, now I'm singing that worm song from when I was a kid...remember that? "gimme worms! gimme worms! gimme worms three times a day!"

  9. Only rodents do that to me. :)

  10. I count on these critters to help me turn refuse into compost. Love the work they do; but they are not invited to tea with me.

  11. very nice Jinksy!
    I love worms. Whe ever I see them I collect them and bring them into my garden.
    They aerate the soil and make you life soooo good.

  12. I have just spent a day digging up clumps of plants with earth containing lots of lovely, wriggly, juicy, fat, brown, slithery, slimy, shiny earthworms desperate to get back into the ground. Guess what, I loving detached each from it attendant clump and placed it gently back in the soil, keeping marauding robins at bay.
    Each worm I see sends a warm and grateful little shiver down my spine.
    Would you like me to go on?

  13. Friko, I would love a continuation of this paen (or is it paean?) in praise of worms - anyone who waxes lyrical gets my vote, regardless of subject...and Lakeviewer and A Lady's Life would probably enjoy it too.

    As for you, Braja, if I knew the song I'd sing it right now, but can only think of one which said'Gimme land, gimmee land, gimme lots n' lotsa land' which seems to have the right rhythm, never mind the tune...

  14. Worms....... well, we certainly need 'em. So do the birds.
    They are not as scary as spiders.

    Nuts in May

  15. My granddaughter Alivia loves worms, she thinks it's her duty to find and save them from the birds or sun.

  16. I will never think the same of worms again after reading Doctor FTSE and your comments, actually I will probably smile as I remember this post whenever I do see them.....:-) Hugs

  17. Can anyone add a word for "worm loving", "worm hating" etc to THIS POST ON FRIDGE SOUP
    We mustn't make things too easy for Jinksy. Beside . . she started it! Worms . . I ask you!

  18. Doc - you have now sunk lower than a snake's belly, challenging me to write even more rubbish than I usually do...But I've done it, anyway....

  19. worms crawl in, worms crawl out, worms play peknuckle...nicely done...i like worms...

  20. jinksy i'm so envious of people like you who can write so cleverly, with humour carrying the whole of their thinking. are you self-taught or did some genius take you in and show you the way?! steven

  21. Hello Jinksy,

    I never minded worms - or maggots when my Dad went fishing!

  22. rhymesee, it is all this wet, worms can't stay in the ground out of isght like usual, because there is so much saturated area, so it doesn't surprise me that an educated , clean unassuming lad like yourself shouldn't find at least one worm in his domainas>>>pustzy

  23. did you know the comment section is becoming a forum for debate amonghst us????/the good doc, hil, bob , and now anon above me>>>>love the putz

  24. laughing! You are so witty and clever!

    I saw poor ole worm up on the cove walk today - on the road, after our rain.... it was skinny and starving looking, poor thang

  25. LOL...Oh, are rivaling the American poet Emily Dickinson here!!! Perfect!!! Love this...Janine XO

  26. The most fun I had with worms, was one Spring morning when I was down on my hands and knees, pulling weeds and taller grass away from the fence line in our yard. I notice a Robin, it seemed to be walking along while I was moving slowly along on my knees. (Let's face it, this has been about 30 years ago, I wouldn't be able to do it any longer) As I would pull up the weeds or grass, dirt would also be turned over, and it was picking out the worms and bugs under the dirt that turned over. Now to me that was one pretty smart Robin.

  27. Penny -- I have always loved the look and feel of worms... especially after a rain! Now a mouse in the house is another tale (tail) altogether. : )

  28. I'm with Braja. That worm song is going round and round my head now! Great poem as always :0)

  29. When our daughter was little, she'd pick up worms and give them a guided tour of the flowers around the garden. She was fearless, until she discovered spiders!

  30. Fun poem! Worms.. Frank taught me to rescue worms from the sidewalks on rainy days. He feels they're noble beasts.. sacrificing (as if they had a choice) their lives for the sake of his passion.. fishing. Thanks for the linkage, my friend. :)

  31. Love the poem! Actually the only reason that I hate to see worms pop up in a flower bed I'm working on, is that I hate to injure them, and it's so easy to do by accident! Poor little ploughmen. It's a shame.


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