Saturday, 27 March 2010

Spaces In Between

How have I managed to stay silent since Tuesday? Where did the space between then and today disappear? Perhaps there was a concertina effect, where little chunks of time and space cannoned into each other and ended up condensed - like soup.

Now I've actually seen these three words written down, my mind has done a double take, and set me thinking in my usual grasshopper manner. Between one breath and the next, the space is total calm - or can be, if you are trying to meditate and let the jumbling thoughts leave your mind in peace.

Between your teeth, spaces can be annoyingly small, so that a scrap of grape skin, should it become stuck, feels like a boulder in your mouth. Conversely, a wide gap - especially between the front teeth, can produce an unfortunate whistling effect, if you're not careful.

At art college, one of my tutors liked to create a haphazard mountain of wooden chairs for us to draw, from time to time. Anybody who has attempted to sketch a single one of these objects, will know how hard it is to make it appear structurally correct; multiply by six or ten chairs heaped up, and the only chance you have of the finished drawing making sense, is to draw the spaces in between.

You can see how varied 'spaces in between' can be. I wonder where yours are?
One of mine suggested the following few lines, which I share with you now.

In The Quiet

Silence whirls
in pastel curls;
spirals, fades
into infinity.

Mind unfurls
a noiseless world
in lucent shades
of similarity.

P.S. Hey! I just realise this is post number 300 - what a lot of spaces I've covered since my number one hit Blogland and set off running.


  1. I have days, where I not so much seek silence, than am just silence myself. Days where I mostly listen. The words SILENT and LISTEN, contain the same letters and are two of my favorite words.

  2. Hello Jinksy,

    Very thoughtful this morning - filling the spaces in between.

  3. I'm never disappointed to have traveled the space between my blog and yours.

  4. Your heaped up chairs reminded me of a friend's daughter's art class project. She was to draw the shadows of something.
    She chose a kitchen of those pasta scoopers with the multiple fingers poking up. Brave girl. Apparently she did very well with it and its shadows.
    Image here:

  5. This is one of my all-time favorite stories:

    During the Great Exhibition of 1851, places to stay were scarce in London because of the great crowds. Many people advertised that rooms in their homes were available to rent. One woman, hoping to influence a potential client to rent her space, showed him a large window and said, "You could see the Crystal Palace if it were not for the houses in-between."

    "Yes," replied her visitor, "perhaps you could. But unfortunately, they're always there -- the houses in-between."

    Dr. William C. Finch, the president of my university, in a speech welcoming first-year students, used this story to exhort us to excellence in our studies. He repeated the man's response at several points in his speech. It made such an impression on me that I still remember it after 52 years.

    As I read your post's title today, I thought again how "the houses in-between" too often become obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals or reaching our desired destination.

    Good post, jinksy! (I just may have to use that story in a future post of mine....)

  6. Congrats on post number 300! If this is condensed soup, then I am hungry, lets eat!!

  7. Your poetry continues to amuse and enlighten...hiding that talent makes not one whit of sense, keep up the great work!

  8. Apparently, I have a large empty space between the ears.

  9. 300 posts is going some. Congratulations and here's to the next 300!

  10. Congratulations on reaching 300! There ought to be a fanfare, a parade, a medal of sorts.
    Here is to your milestone, a medal of fortitude with no spaces-in-between.

  11. Many smiles and congratulations on your 300th post...and it is a lovely one, Jinksy.
    Quiet is good.
    Quiet is evasive....
    Uhmmm....enjoy it.
    Your poem is beautiful.

  12. My goodness, 300? Wow! I love how you make me ponder. Spaces in-between, now there's something to consider. I've been reflecting as of late, about coping as I did with raising four pre-schooler's. I had no spaces in-between at all. Maybe that is why I now place such a value on the quiet times I enjoy, try to savour and apprecieate them as special. My "spaces in-between" are my daily walks on the beach with my fifth (and most favoured) child, Jake, our sweet-but-thick dog. You have a gift with words, thanks for giving me pause to reflect!

  13. Let me add my congratulations to those of others upon reaching your 300th post! Well done!

  14. I have learned more from the spaces in between in my life than anything else....congrats on your 300th my friend.......:-) Hugs

  15. the spaces in between are often what points up the substance of things ...

  16. Wow. I love the concertina metaphor!

    It's scary how quickly time gets away. It doesn't at all surprise me that you were an art student. Perhaps you could celebrate 300 posts by scanning some of your artwork and putting it up here, or writing poems to accompany them? I wonder if you have any artwork that would coincide with your colonoscopy post...

  17. I remember drawing the spaces in between the leaves of a cheese plant, in order to get the cheese plant right. It is a fascinating way to draw isn't it. I like spaces, they are a place to hide, the other side of reality.

  18. Once I begin to notice "negative" space, my drawings come to life. It's a good metaphor, too, for life.

  19. The spaces seem to get smaller the older I get.........! The pieces of time I mean.

  20. Good one Jinksy and congrats on your 300th. As to spaces in between, I've found that much of my life has been spent there, and I've experienced/learned much. Don't know what I'd do without those spaces.....Shirley


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