Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter Bunnies

There was a discussion on Breakfast TV this morning about giving real rabbits as presents for Easter. The Vet pointed out this should never be done without making sure the recipient is aware of the proper care required to keep the animal healthy. One common mistake many young pet owners make, is to feed the rabbit with muesli type mix, instead of the hay and a little fruit or vegetables which would be the more natural diet. The hay helps stop the rabbits teeth from growing abnormally long, as well as providing correct nutrients for overall health.
As I was listening to all the do's and don'ts, I knew I'd have to re-post the following poem that appeared last year, on this very subject, albeit from a slightly different perspective.

Easter Present

Mum talked on the telephone
to Auntie, yesterday.
'So you're bringing us a present',
I heard my Mummy say.

Now Easter eggs are in the shops,
Aunt might bring one for me,
all choc'latey and wrapped in foil.
I can't wait till I see!

P'r'aps Auntie will bring with her
an Easter rabbit treat,
up-standing on his chocolate legs,
just begging me to eat!

But wait - there's Auntie at the door
and now she's in the hall,
I can tell her Easter present
isn't chocolate at all!

She's brought a real live rabbit
inside a little hutch…
'Thank you, thank you, Auntie!
Thank you very, very much!'


  1. that's such a sweet poem. but no, i don't think a real rabbit this easter... gimme chocolate!!!

  2. When I was 4 or 5, I had two large beautiful white bunnies, kept in a very nice rabbit hutch my father built for them. One day, I went to feed them, and discovered they were both gone; stolen during the night by someone hungrier than we were (this was during dark depression days). I was unconsolable for a while. With that loss in mind, I'll take chocolate bunnies, thank you.

  3. We once inherited a rabbit. She was very nice and cute, but I'm definitely in the keep-rabbits-outside camp. /AC on Cuppa's account

  4. I think giving real rabbits at Easter should be discouraged. Along with puppies for Christmas.

    Chocolate rabbits are the way to go for Easter. A wonderful treat on the day. No time for the novelty to wear off.

    I loved your poem though!!

  5. A nice little poem this is. We have a rabbit, but it lives somewhere in the backyard, and that is where we like it to be.

  6. I'm a chocolate bunny guy, myself. If someone had tried to give me a real rabbit when I was a child, I would have been downright flummoxed. You can't bite the ears off a real bunny, at least not without a struggle.

  7. I remember having a real live rabbit in a hutch when I was a boy, but I don't remember where it came from or where it went....

  8. Obviously, auntie asked the mom on the phone if the live bunny would be acceptable. I have heard so many times of well meaning givers gifting someone a live bunny and it did not turn out well. You can't go wrong with chocolate.

  9. Yes, I don't think any animal should be given for the reason you mentioned -- even hamsters can be a handful! Your charming poem made me lick my chops... Mmm Easter bunny chocolates! I think you really captured the excitement (and eventual surprise) of a child!

  10. Oh, the tears when our children's rabbit died. So sad. Nevermore, quoth the raven....

  11. I had a rabbit when I was young. Naturally, his name was Peter. (I Know...real original, huh?) He lived to be several years old and I loved him dearly. This note brought back fond memories of him. Thank you for that.

  12. Oh, it also brought a few tears too. *s* Happy ones.

  13. Loved this little poem my friend....I don't think bunnies should be given as gifts for Easter though unless one lives on a farm.
    .........:-) Hugs

  14. Jinksy . . . takes all sorts of bunnies to make a chicken!

  15. oh a very sweet poem and I agree, only give a bunny as an Easter gift if you know the recipient understands bunnies and can look after them well. (I'd be a good recipient, if anyone is looking for someone to give a bunny to!).

  16. As you know, dear Jinksy, I like animals.
    But I prefer chocolate bunnies to the furry ones. Sweet poem!


  17. adorable. :)

    i'll take the chocolate bunny too, so i can bite the ears off. lol

    as for the peeps you asked about i have a new link up but basically they are sugar coated chick shaped marshmallows.

  18. Hello Jinksy,

    I'd prefer the chocolate version anytime! A rabbit isn't only for Easter.

  19. I hope your poem was tongue-in-cheek. Real live animals as a present at any time of year are a definite no-no.
    A little verse one is fine, of course. That'll always be welcome.

  20. that is the exact reason i give little chickees as easter presents instead of little bunnies>>>>the care that is required for little bunnies>>>not many care about the care of little chickies>>>>you know why i am teasing you jinksy??????it is april fools today my dear, uep april fools and i am an april celebrating my birthdday this month, love the PUTZ

  21. Awww! Quite right, one should always check first before giving a live creature as a pet, but clearly the Aunt in the poem did so! LOL!

  22. Aww cute. I think I would have loved a live rabbit as a child. Now I'll just have the chocolate, please.

  23. When I was small, they had these little colored chicks. My Mother use to hate it when our Grandmother would give us each one.

    Usually they died quite small, except one year I had one that grew and grew and it just happened we lived at a house that had a chicken coup. So we put him out there and he turned out to be a mighty fine looking rooster, but he had no playmates. At that time, I spent almost every week-end at my Grandparents house, and one week-end while I was gone, my parents decided to kill, clean and fix that rooster. Thank goodness I wasn't at home, but I do remember Mom telling about how tough that rooster was, and in the back of my mind I was thinking good. That's what you all deserve killing my rooster.

    I would never buy a live animal for a child for any holiday, except perhaps Christmas and it would be a dog or a cat.

    Hope you had a nice Easter.


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