Thursday, 18 March 2010


Blogland friends are lovely,
Blogland friends are fun.
Next year, I'll plan a party
and ask you all to come,
to celebrate my seven-oh
by bringing me a rhyme -
(providing I am still around,
not gone into decline!)
This is an early warning!
Grab your thinking caps!
I'll not accept excuses
from anyone! Right, Chaps?!

Put the date in your diary now - 16 March 2011 - an all singing, all dancing jinksy shindig will be held at Napple Notes Mansions. The winner will get to blow out all my candles, so you'll need to start training to make sure you have enough puff. The Fire Brigade will be on standby, to comply with the latest health and safety regulations, and everyone is welcome to come, providing they can find their way through Blogland's intricate underground transport system which stretches throughout the known world.
Aliens from Unknown Worlds are acceptable, providing they speak my language.

Well, what in heaven's name did you expect me to come up with today, in the post BD Doldrums of OMG, I'm a year older again?!


  1. I'm sharpening my pencil... 8-)

  2. Sounds like a winner. Happy belated birthday...

  3. Broken biro - I begin to see the sense of your sharpening a pencil...

  4. Durnit. For a brief instant, I thought you you going to pay all our travel expenses. :)

  5. You are another year older but you are still a youngster. A spry and funny gal. I will mark it on my calendar. And a happy belated birthday to you, my friend. You saucy wench.

  6. happy birthday and all the other days besides! i've chiselled next year's event on the big stone! steven

  7. People - I think I should start buying Lottery tickets - if I won a million, I'd pay for you all to trek here - never mind only AC! We could take over an entire hotel (with internet access) and all sit in our own rooms BLOGGING the night away! LOL !

  8. Since I am indeed classed as an Alien, I was more than delighted and excited you extended me an invitation! :) Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday. Penciling it in for next year. Hope I am still around!

    Nuts in May

  10. Happy happy happy
    Joy joy joy
    Penny for yer thots gal?
    Is it just a ticklish ploy?

    Is it in the rythym Lassie?
    Or could it be the rhyme?
    Would you choose a shiny?
    Or just these words in time?

    Happy birthday Penny.

  11. 16th. March next year noted. Will you need a doctor?

  12. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Happy one less than 70!
    What is the gift of choice here?
    What can an almost seventyenne need?

    I know!
    Words! New Ones! As my created one: Almost Seventyenne!

    Happy Day, my dear friend.

  13. OMGosh I can hardly wait to see what all your friends create.

  14. Sounds like much fun....and I can't wait!!!

  15. It is now written in my "special" book so I will be there with rhyme in hand.
    Now I am doing a lottery dance so that we can all hang together in a posh hotel sharing great conversation with the fabulous doctor.
    ........:-) Hugs

  16. Bernie . . Great Idea! A "Fans of Jinksy" convention. Well she deserves one, don't we all think? I suggest Florida. Or Aspen? Any advance . . . ?

  17. what a grand idea. you'll get soooo many presents. that should make up for getting older, hee hee heeee

  18. Well, Jinksy, I'll do my best to be there. I love riding The Underground, so getting there will be fun. Meanwhile, here's a dashed off bit of nothing much for THIS year...

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    I'm some kind of crappy poet
    Happy Birthday to YOU!

  19. Wow. What an invitation!

    I'll make you a rhyme and come see you. I love England! I'll make you an awesome rhyme. Something tells me Jinksy knows how to party...

  20. Happy belated day, my friend. I'd sing it, but I love you too much for such torture.

  21. A belated Happy Birthday to you, dear Jinksy! I'm finally back online at home and making the rounds of my favorite blogs, so, of course, here I am! Will try to catch up with your marvelous poetic (and other) posts as time allows. Happy Spring, m'dear!

  22. Hapy belated birthday Jinsky. I went to Texas for a few days and just came back. We went to celebrate my seven-0h birthday, as you say (which was the 26th). If we had stayed here, there would have not been a party. I did receive one birthday card, 3 emails, two phone calls and my husband bought me a pretty pottery coffee cup. I think my last birthday party was for my 18th birthday in France – that is an awfully long time ago….


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