Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Different Muse


Despite daily search
signs of Spring remain hidden;
harsh Winter tarries.

A grey pall of gloom
descends to shroud the landscape,
leaves life in stasis.

Sun beams energy to earth
and plant life responds.

Eager leaves unfurl,
rising sap providing food
to aid burgeoning.

The season lays claim
to ancient vernal beauty
which inspires hope.

For another serious but beautiful poem, why not pop over to here, to get your brain even more into gear? They can't touch you for it...


  1. jinksy - it's a funny thing but the past week apparently set records for warmth at this time of year in this particular place. today it is overcast. it snowed first thing this morning and looks set to do much the same tomorrow morning. however. it will become spring no matter what. steven

  2. A pentahaiku! A vernal feast. Thank you, jinksy.

  3. Nice writing. I know today is technically the first day of spring but we had snow yesterday so everything is white again. We had a whole week of being able to see the lawn and then yesterday it is white again. Not to worry, it doesn't upset me though. I am pretty flexible for an old gal!

  4. It is great that Spring is here. Hoping for some more sunshine. We have had the rain........ enough now.

    Nuts in May

  5. Well officially it is Spring.....but looking out my window it is more like the depth of winter.....won't be long now though....:-) Hugs

  6. I've mentioned before, this winter's needle has got stuck. Thanks for giving the turntable a nudge!

  7. "The Spring is sprung.
    The grass is ris.
    I wonder where
    The birdies is?"

    (Two bluetits feasting at our pecker today and then flitting about like mad things in the forsythia. I think we can expect to hear the tweeting of tiny beaks from the nest-box in due course. But why do baby birds have to be so ugly? Baby-Anything Elses are cute!)

  8. Doc - if you must quote, do quote in full...

    The spring is sprung,
    the grass is riz,
    I wonder where them birdies is?
    Them little birds is on the wing;
    but that's absurd:-
    them little wings is on the bird!

  9. It is interesting spring is having a hard time making its entrance in your neck of the woods, too.

    Friday it was 70 deg. here. This a.m. it is 37 deg and it is supposedly the first day of Spring!

    Snow is forecast tonight in some areas of my state which is a southern state.

  10. the season do tend to ignore the dates on the calendar, don't they....

  11. Hi Jinksy
    I read your spring poem and loved the feel of it and didn't realise until Dan pointed it out that it was a series of mind must be familiar with the lilting roll of a haiku... and find a comfort there.
    As I read I could imagine all the underground, behind the scene, activity talking place just waiting for that final signal from the rays of the get the go ahead and emerge...

    Happy days Jinksy


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