Thursday, 8 April 2010

Dizzy Days

Literally, a couple of these have kept me from Blogland, as my ears' balance centres went AWOL. This may account for the rather strange offering today. When you are forced to remain horizontal and motionless, the mind wanders at will, and a chance idea can result in something like this:-

Beyond Science

Who can prove that love exists?
Who would want to try?
Are emotions infra dig
‘cause they can make you cry?

If names and dates and numbers
could create a way to prove
intangible emotions
like anger, hate or love,

where would this leave concepts
like happiness or joy;
fear or apprehension
or things that may annoy?

They can’t be proved by numbers.
No records will exist
of when they first were known to Man.
If gone, would they be missed?

Maybe tomorrow, once I finish taking the tablets, I shall have more and better stuff to offer!


  1. And what's wrong with this?! I always wanted to be a scientist but it was totally beyond my intelligence!

    CJ xx

  2. Sorry about your ears. With me, it's been eyes for the past two weeks -- watering like crazy and driving me in the same direction.

  3. Finish the meds, get better, and hope you know how much what you write is appreciated. You pose a good question in the writing, though. Would they be missed? I would like to think yes they would.

  4. Sorry to hear about your discomfort. As smart as we humans think we are, there is certainly so much that is unknown.

  5. Yes I agree that Love is beyond science as is your insatiable need to write poetry. Both a wonder of the universe. Did you write poetry in school? Take care of your 'uncle ned', enough said.

  6. So that's where you've been, so sorry, Jinksy.
    Even when not feeling your best, you come up with good thoughts!

  7. Sorry about your inner ears. I have had this problem from time to time, too. Not nice.

    Nuts in May

  8. I presume you're talking about Meniere's Disease. I've heard that is very debilitating. I do hope you recover quickly. It didn't affect your poetry writing though! (smile)
    Blessings, Star

  9. I have suffered from this as well from time to time and I felt horrible. You managed to write a wonderful poem, I love your attitude....Hugs

  10. I like it!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. I had a fortnight of labyrinthitis once. Very unpleasant. Hasn't dulled your poetic talents though. I really enjoyed this one.

  12. The best and most interesting things in life are the elusive. I kick proof out the back door!

    Hope you're better soon.



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