Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sometimes The Muse Is Late

For this got written today, but is really about yesterday. I had no intention of writing anything at all, but a magpie's sudden alarm call set my brain turning, and eventually fourteen lines needed to be sent on their travels trough cyberspace.

Easter Saturday

A magpie's shrill staccato chatter
punctuates the stagnant silence,
shattering air dead as unrisen Jesus,
this quiet Easter weekend afternoon.
Our small, deserted corner of the town
holds its indrawn breath in readiness
for tomorrow's hope of renewed life.
Is the eternal wellspring but a myth
that men have fashioned as a sop to wars,
to strife and heedless world pollution?
Will Easter Day fulfil its ancient augur
or will the people stumble blindly on,
gorged on chocolate covered promises
of salvation until the end of time?


  1. Hi again Jinksy,
    I enjoyed your Muse poems. I know well the feeling when something is determined to be 'born'. I know that its time to pick up a pencil or sit down at the computer when a phrase gets stuck in my head - like a fly in a pot of honey! Haven't written for sometime - anything, but I am feeling the pull to do so. Have been 'down' with sciatica in my left leg for over three months, so I've decided its time to make use of some of this homebound time to write. Look for something new on my blog in the next few days... Cheers, Shirley

  2. "chocolate covered promises..." I'm afraid we are now in stuck in these promises; instant satisfaction is all we want.

    May we all feel renewed this season.

  3. Inspiration is amazing like that. You never know when it will take you. Beautiful! I do love that line - chocolate covered promises. It really does make one think.

  4. jinksy - the deep inspiration - the river that runs through you! my my my!! i'm so glad that you feel compelled to share your brilliance! steven

  5. Inspiration indeed! I fear your prognostications could very well eventuate, except that the 'chocolate covered promises' (lovely phrase) might grow to be beyond our pockets! When I was young I toyed with the idea that 'everything' would be solved in my lifetime! Now........!

  6. "will the planet stumble blindly on?" hmmm.

    It's quite possible that our dear and lovely planet sees clearly enough what's going on. She's getting a fever....

    Could blindness be attributed more accurately to corporations chasing profits?

  7. Hi there Jinksy, This has depth and meaning beyond the catchy phrases you introduce here. Very good and thought provoking.

  8. I don't think your muse was late. All things in time and this was the right time for this thoughtful piece. Thanks.

  9. Hello Jinksy,

    This is profound and beautiful. And all from a magpie's call.


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