Saturday, 17 April 2010

Silly Me

Um... what can I say? Some mornings life is like that... or this...

Blame It On Saturday

I sense something silly; it is growing from my head!
I knew that it was waiting, soon as I climbed out of bed.
It's not a hat, or hunk of hair
but just a thought that took root there
and wants to end up captured on a page,
despite my somewhat sober writing age.

I think it is a giggle, that's decided 'Now's the time!'.
I can feel it start to wriggle, like washing on a line
that's pegged but longs to travel
(risking falling in the gravel)
for it wants to see what life is like below...
(It's all about the viewpoint, don'tcha know?)

But now it's out and flying free - Look out! There it goes!
It only just missed bopping you on your little nose!
Then no one would be laughing
at such a very daft thing,
so it's just as well it's taken to the road
before it lets its giggling explode.

Beware, beware it's on the loose! Dear reader, have a care;
it may descend upon you, before you know its there.
It will titivate your funny bone,
despite your being all alone,
and gales of laughter may sail on the wind,
until you wish they never had beginned!


  1. Lovely. I'm sure you must be related to Edward Lear or Lewis Carroll - or is it Hilaire Belloc?

  2. smiles. sometimes silly is the best way to be....have a wonderful saturday.

  3. Silly is good. I hope silly will come my way, here in the hills, silly is very welcome.
    Ah, here they come, silly and giggle, both.
    Enjoy this sunny weekend, Jinksy.

  4. A poem with character Jinksy. I like it! - Dave

  5. Hello Jinksy,

    Wind features in my post today too.

    "gales of laughter may sail on the wind,
    until you wish they never had beginned!"

    That's silly alright!

  6. What a great read to restart my blogging after a long trip. Even though it was a sad occasion for our long trip there were moments of mirth,too.

  7. I think the growth on my head this morning is coffeebloglicious.

  8. puleeze, let it descend on me!!! jinksy, this was such a wonderful way to start this's all in the view, eh?
    thanks so much for you comment my six word saturday AND for following! i somehow know we've always been friends :)
    oh, happy day!

  9. My first visit here, i enjoy poetry as well.

    Dorothy from grammology

  10. Hope you had a wonderful silly Saturday, I have never woke up with a poem taking root in my head jinsky or at least I don't remember if I have....this is okay though as I have a friend across the pond who is excellent at it and I get to enjoy her talent......:-) Hugs

  11. Jinksy, I think of you, as having a constant smile on your face, I know you put one on mine!

  12. Giggling is wonderful and releasing! I just loved the post you did with Hilary, by the way.

  13. Well said, Jinksy! Saturday's made for laughs, innit?

  14. I love it! Personifying your writing as a silly little creature.

    I laugh while I write too -- oh, the things that find their way onto my screen or page!

  15. dear lady this was wonderful!!!

  16. I love it!
    Whimsy takes wing!

  17. Oopsie! :-)
    Some mornings, a good dose of laughter fills one's cup better than tea leaves. Thank you! :-)

  18. Bring it on! Let land on me. I am ready. I want to giggle. I love to giggle. Very nice, Jinksy.

  19. Dearest Jinksy...this is tickling my funny bone...and I'm laughing and smiling so broadly that it hurts...Thanks for the warning...but I think "it" got me...;-) Love are simply too wonderful! ~Janine XO

  20. Yay! You taught me something today! I had no idea there was such a word as 'titivate', but I just looked it up and learned it, thanks to you.


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