Monday, 19 April 2010

Monday Lack Of Memory

Over the weekend, I've wandered
Blogland paths and discovered, round more than one corner, glorious photos of cherry blossom. I should have made a note of where I've been, then I could have put links to this morning's post. It's a piece I wrote some time ago, and one that I've emailed to several Blogpals 'behind the scenes', as I call it. However, it dawned on me this morning I might just a well post it here for the second time, as it remains as true now as at its first appearance.
I can direct you to some of the blogs where you will find appropriate images - MaggieGem, TSannie, and Merisi - but know there were more whose names escape me! Sorry! However, if any of you others would like a link put in, email me, and I'll be delighted to oblige. Here's the action replay of my words...

Cherry Blossom

Bunched on slim stalks,
tight-furled buds dangle
puckered, rosy lips,
offering a kiss of welcome.

Canopies blush beauty,
full-blown, short lived
cherry petals. Pink froth
becomes a tidemark
on trim emerald turf,
fallen blossom
marking ebb and flow
of capricious night winds.

Matching ruffle-edged flounce,
adrift alongside wall or path,
extends its gentle glow
to soften harsh perimeters
with flower-strewn finery.

Producing a composition
of pristine clarity,
Spring's light brushstrokes
overlay Winter's canvas.


  1. Oh to be in England now that Cherry Blossom (and Jinsky) are there!

  2. Lovely thank you Jinksy. I think the carpet on the emerald grass is almost as beautiful as the tree.

    My daughter who lives in Tokyo tells me that there is an official announcement in the news to state when Cherry Blossom season actually starts.

    Happy days

  3. I love the 'tide mark on the emerald turf.' Lovely poem!

  4. I ran across the blossoms at Maggie Gems place, they were beautiful!!

    I love your poem

  5. Hello Jinksy,

    Your poem is every bit as beautiful as the blossoms.

  6. have you ever thought of putting up a peom that is out of sinc, not coresponding to the times and seasons, i am aching for the unconventional, and i know i did miss spell poem, it was unconventional and intentional and i am sure contraversial>>>i guess i need to get out>>i do know that nonsense has been your forte in the past, but what i am looking for is something like what i saw in the fourth kind{movie}, you know alien abduction{now you are thinking , what nonsense] OK forget the whole thing>>>i am out of here, love you THE PUTZ

  7. That just about sums up the cherry blossom :-)

    Nuts in May

  8. We lived in Virginia several years and the cherry blossoms were so beautiful. Like the pink froth description in your post.

  9. For Putz the Anonymous:-

    Alien Abduction

    Little green men from outer space
    came to look Earth in the face.
    Didn't enjoy the things they found
    crawling in places over the ground.

    Whisked one away to experiment,
    but then returned it with never a dent;
    Sadly, it wasn't a human they took
    but a ten ton truck - what a mistook!

  10. There is something about cherry blossom isn't there - it is so very pretty - can see why the Japanese go mad for it.
    Your comment about my fruit bowl and my grandchildren should become an English proverb!

  11. Love how you painted the words in your poem! I can really visualize the beauty and smells of the cherry blossom.

  12. Isn't spring beauty wonderful. Hope you had a wonderful Monday. I await the blooming of lilac. The sweet scent that fills the air and announces all that is new.

  13. i love spring as it's my favourite time of the year before it gets too hot & just after its been too cold :)

  14. you magically whisked me away, back to a place when my grandma was alive! i was her (shhh!) favorite and there was NO PLACE on earth that i would have rather been than sitting under her cherry trees! thanks for bringing such a beautiful memory back to life with your soothing and caressing words :)

  15. You describe them perfectly. One of the treats of springtime!

  16. Love the alliteration of blushing beauty.

  17. karmaleeanddavid@hotmail.com20 April 2010 at 00:06

    jinksey, yiou are either a pip, a dear{deer} or a character>>>>>you did it, you did it>>>> a peom just for me on the very topic i asked for>>>is there anything i cannot ask for, but you will do no questions asked?????????

  18. I'm in Virginia and The Cherry Blossoms are still here! Thank you for this lovely poem!

  19. had to swing by here again and thank YOU for the many comments you've left me...some concerning deep breathing, others-aniseptic wipes (which i purchased that very day)! you bring such a chuckle to my days and i wanted you to know that :) take care jinksy!

  20. On walks through our local woods I ohhh and ahhh over the daily change of blossoms. You wrote it wonderfully, Penny. It is a fleeting treat.



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