Thursday, 22 April 2010

And it Is still Earth Day - second edition

After my original fun post today, a serious note crept in, and I've just composed the following lines to maybe make you think about this day in a different way.

Ashes To Ashes

The silent skies, with clouds of high rise ash,
towered above unsuspecting Earth,
causing weary passengers distress
by dashing hopes of speedy journeys home.
Aeroplanes remained forlorn and still,
as stringent measures clipped their eager wings
and ringed these metal birds in safety's cage.
Unpredictable volcanic plumes
held the world to ransom for a time,
while people watched and had to pay the price
of insouciant reliance on the air
to ferry heavy planes from place to place.
Earth's supremacy to Man is very plain;
her rules will govern in the final stages.


  1. natures rules! it would pay to remember that...

  2. Nature will always have the last word. We are 'blinded by the sense of our own omnipotence' - as I happened to say in one of my poems last year!

  3. do you know the AWFUL thing my american airlines miles program did to me????it sent me a free ticket to isreal for last weds... knowing i couldn't use it because of the malady you have just written in a poem and because i couldn't get my passport that quick and couldn't get my wife time off work yet, and i think it is just awful they would put a carrot in fron't of my nose and then whip is away from me just as fast>>>i know they are thinking i will remember how nice they tried to be and in the future i will spend money on their travel club, but they may be surpised that i will snub them in the future and once again thanks for the alien abduction poem, i will never forget how nice you were to me and me alone on that special occasion of my being bored, depressed, and confused, and you brightened me right up

  4. Earth remains supreme!
    I love that

    wonderful, topical poem

  5. An erupting volcano and other natural happenings do give us pause...making the power that the Earth and Nature contain so evident.

  6. I do so generally prefer the lighter verse ('Hippopotami maid' is brilliant, by the way) but this is wonderful, too. You're a woman of multiple talents, Jinksy, all of which thrill me. Thanks!

  7. The airs abuzz with planes today.
    Ash forgotten... scared to pay
    The cost of board and meals and fares
    Refuse compensation.... he who dares.

    Nuts in May

  8. The volcanic plume has really made us all feel less high and mighty (certainly not 'high'!)

  9. Nature will always rule!

    We are heading off in six weeks time to your fair land to visit our sons in the UK, so are hoping that all will have settled down by then.

  10. I can't make up my mind if I can live without Kenyan beans and roses and sliced tropical fruit in plastic containers for one more day or if I would like the earth to continue for a little while longer.

    it's a bummer, that one.

  11. Jinksy - is there anything you can't weave into poetry? Love this post. You never fail to move me -- most of the time to laughter -- and this time, to think. "Earth's supremacy to Man is very plain;
    her rules will govern in the final stages." You rule Penny!

  12. Nature has always had a way of humbling us.

  13. That's a beauty of a poem, Jinsky. Nature has a way of sitting by passively at times and then quickly reminding us who's boss.


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