Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hand In Hand

As promised in my previous post, here are the results of our handiwork. Until I click the publish post button, I shall be holding my breath that Blogger has joined us in word and deed, and that Hilary and Jinksy are woven together on screen as they have been behind the scenes. Hope you enjoy the partnership, but do pop over anytime and see The Smitten Image in all it's singular glory; it will always be worth the trip, I promise!

the camera's eye
freeze-framed the quizzical glance
of the gliding gull

cereal puff balls
float in a nightmare landscape
of water logged dream

Ghostly echoes of the past
haunt the dried flower heads
as they dream of youth flown
and wait patiently for rebirth.

It's a dog's life standing still,
poised like a statue on the sill,
watching clouds go passing by
with never once the chance to fly
on scudding paws along the street,
free, excited, swift and fleet.
What dreams go racing through his head
at night, inside his doggy bed?

Three polished stones encircled by lace
each with a word carved on its face-
Truth for the seeking,
Faith in the finding,
and Wisdom to grant overall grace.

green pine-needle spray
disguises identity
of two brown mittens

Bright painted shapes protest at their sudden view
of a world tip tilted and stationary,
as the discarded board's metal wheels vibrate
with the hum of remembered movement.

on a glass surface
painted dragon fly hovers

willow branches bow
to greet golden, glow-worm spheres
of lighted windows


  1. jinsky this is brilliant......a combination of haiku complimenting the photos. I think this is such a wonderful post. Bravo!!!!!!
    Now I am going over to check your friend you did this with, a great combination of minds here my friend.........:-) Hugs

  2. Methinks this is the start of a formidable partnership!

  3. Well worth waiting for, friends. Beautifully written. Beautifully illustrated.

  4. What a great idea.... combining! A partnership in cyberspace! My friend, Margaret, and I occasionally attempt the same.

  5. Wonderful partnership!
    Very pleasing combination.

    Nuts in May

  6. By Jingo, Jinksy, I think you've got it! Simply wonderful blending of words and images, styled to suit. At first, I even wondered if the images had been chosen to match your colour scheme! You and Hilary could put these into a book.

  7. A fine collaboration in a good idea.

  8. wow jinksy. this was unexpected and wonderful!! steven

  9. A wonderful collaboration. I love the tapestry of images created in verse and photo!

  10. Hi Jinksy, the poetry is varied and different to match the variety of photos. You did a great job writing. You are an expert at haiku as well as all forms of poetry. My admiration-ometer must went up for your work and your personality.

  11. These are nothing short of amazing. Wonderful images and words combined. Although nothing like, they remind me of 'The Diary of an Edwardian Lady'.

    Publish and be damned!

  12. Oh, wunnerfula wonerfull. I so loved your words, I rushed over here to send you a thank you and a smile.

  13. These are all lovely jinksy, but IK specially liked the green pine n eedle spray and the last one.

  14. Jinksy ... wonderful collaboration ... MORE!!!!!

  15. Jinsky, pal. Thanks for agreeing to do this. I think there might be a few more of these somewhere in the future. Hugs, Hilary

  16. Wonderful verse and photos.

  17. Over from Hilary's .. love that you two did this. A friend who write poetry asked me to collaborate with her on something I think you two might look into ... It's a chapbook (small, 18 - 44 pg. book) competition sponsored by diagram, the University of Arizona's literary magazine. Here is a link to the submission guidelines:

  18. Jinksy - you did it! Your clever words so artfully twisted and shaped to Hillary's beautiful photos. Words and Images collide and make for a moving pairing. Loved it. What a wonderful idea.

  19. Well I hadn't been by for awhile, had no idea this was coming so it felt like a surpirse party. What a wonderful gift you have shared, you and Hilary. It's like 1+1= more than 2.
    Fun fun fun

  20. The post was just so doggone nice
    I had to come and see it twice.

    Well done, you two. :)

  21. Success I think - no, I'm sure!

    Never imagined a discarded skateboard could "... vibrate with the hum of remembered movement.", and how poignant for "... dried flower heads ... wait patiently for rebirth."

    Probably a latent dream for the likes of me, who considers himself way over the hill ...

  22. Truly lovely job by both of you! Thanks for brightening my day (as always)!

  23. Simply FABULOUS!!!! I LOVED EACH ONE! Such a wonderful combination of perfections...perfect photos, and perfect words! You and Hilary are simply dynamic! Yes, I DO hope you do this again! Btw, my favorite is "It's a dog's life standing still...What dreams go racing through his head at night, inside his doggy bed?" What a PERFECT pooch as well! Love, Janine XO

  24. and it is all just as wonderful with a second viewing
    I just came from Hilary's place

    your words are lovely
    I especially love the poem that accompanies the dog's picture - they paint such a sweet image of what the dog is thinking

    well done!!

  25. My favorite:
    "willow branches bow
    to greet golden, glow-worm spheres
    of lighted windows"
    I so enjoyed this, glad you two are working together!

  26. There'll be no stopping you now....


  27. I loved the ones about the dragon fly on the glass and the mittens in a pine tree. Wonderful is all I can say.

  28. Yes, a wonderful co-production.
    The first, second and third are my favourites, in word and photo.

  29. saw them over at hilary's and have been meaning to come by and pay you a compliment...these are brilliant...

  30. SO glad I stopped by from Hilary's!
    Your haiku is just wonderful! I attempt haiku but it is never as good as what you create. (And no, I'm not looking for sympathy, just stating a fact.)
    You inspire me to try try again!

    What a wonderful blog you have!

  31. Loved what you and Hilary did today. Great doings.

  32. Well done! Collaborative blogging is a wonderful idea and obviously fruitful.

  33. Well done Jinsky.A great effort by you and hilary. I specially liked your poem about the dog in the window. - Dave

  34. I look forward to "Hand in Hand - Two." I very much enjoyed every image/poem, but especially liked the doggie in the window. Wonderful collaboration!

  35. such a beautiful partnering. what a wonderful idea the two of you had!

  36. I am stopping by from "Smitten..." to let you know, love what you've written!

  37. FANTASTIC! I'm here from Hilary's blog and just wanted you to know that I think you and Hilary acheived perfection! WOW!

  38. I came in this direction from Hilary's blog, and I think you two are a match made in heaven!! What a great idea.
    BTW, I've been through h\Havant many times, I used to live in Southampton!

  39. I especially love the photo of the dog in the window. The two of you are a great combination.

  40. I'm sorry I didn't see how silly that comment looks.

    Specifically: the photo of the dog speaks to me. I can feel how badly the little fellow wants to be outside. Your friend captured a perfect moment, and how fortunate for all the colors to be so complimentary.

    You are very good at matching words to pictures. I've admired how you've done it on Fridge Soup. I think this partnership with your photographer friend is worth pursuing.

  41. Wonderful words that appeared on the Smitten Image! You've done well in matching words to Hilary's marvelous photos, well done!


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