Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Never Say Never, Folks!

Despite many protestations of wanting to limit napple notes to the written word, I am now giving fair warning that Thursday will be quite some news day. Never being one to write prose when a jolly ditty may speak volumes, this is why I ask you to mark your calendar now for a return visit on April 15th:-

Watch This Space

It's all in the nature
of a tentative experiment;
I was smitten with her images
and she enjoyed my words.
We've amalgamated pages,
not without some merriment,
and hand in hand will launch ourselves
upon the Blogland world...

Hilary the snazzy snapper
mailed me several of her pics
and I set out to rack my brains
for suitable quick quips
or aptly thought out phrases
I could add into the mix
to combine artistic differences -
make togetherness our goal.

For surely, everybody knows
two halves will make one whole!

Having got into the swing of getting ahead of myself, I shall now include an early tribute to mid-week for those of you who still need to keep your noses to the grindstone of gainful employment, while silver haired surfers like me frolic around Blogland's primrose paths.

A Different Kind Of Pedal Power

Wednesday, lovely Wednesday,
the middle of the week.
You've pedalled to it's giddy height
and now will cruise down with delight
towards a level, weekend spot,
when work will intrude not one jot -
until - on Sunday, after lunch,
you'll turn into a gloomy bunch,
as thoughts of Monday morning loom
like elephants, in every room!

Here's hoping to see you all on Thursday!


  1. Durned elephants!

    I'm trying to figure out how to arrive at your silver entreaty even though I still frolic in the red. My red is from a box. Surely that must get me closer to the primrose path!

    Have fun with Hilary!


  2. Yes, Sunday nights can be a little depressing.

  3. Nice poem on Wednesday. It reflects my sentiments. I get a sense of victory as I cruse through a week towards Friday. I just posted this Tweet recently: Break the grind that's life into small pieces - Monday to Friday.

  4. Creative Wednesday poem. Us M-F folks are not jealous of those who spread cheer and laughs on the web--we are grateful for it.

  5. Your collaboration with Hillary sounds like a puddle of fun!!

  6. A lovely midweek break from you today. Great jaunty lyrics about and I will, for the moment, at least, skip through the primroses and tulips with you, not yet silver but a rusty shade of bronze!
    Blessings, Star

  7. Can't wait!! I'm (of course) so curious!! When I started blogging, it was with words only but after awhile, I couldn't stop myself from including photos. Now as you know my blog is mostly about photos.

    Hmmm ... what next??

  8. Can hardly wait! I've been smitten by Hilary's blog for some time and look forward to an amalgamation. I'm anticipating "awesome."

  9. Can hardly wait for Thursday, Jinksy!

  10. what a combination. I hadn't come across Hilary before, fantastic pictures indeed. You are going to have to pull your socks up, Jinksy. That is, if you still can, at your great age.

  11. Can't wait for Thursday to get here!

  12. Oooh I'd be so intrigued if I didn't already know what's afoot (aside from that thing at the end of a leg). I'd better get my own act together. I'll meet you midway on Thursday! ;)

  13. Great midweek poem power, Jinksy. I'll be along to see this new dynamic duo!

  14. Two of my absolute favorites (both as bloggers and as people) combining forces. I shall be in Blog Heaven. Very much looking forward to it!

  15. You know how to stir the waters of anticipation!

  16. Oh, yippee! This is going to be fantastic! The event of the bloggie year!!! Hooray! ~Janine XO

  17. Sunday nights are a bummer at times. Almost as bad as Monday mornings.

  18. This sounds like a great idea that you and Hilary have :)!


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