Friday, 30 September 2011

A Fifty Five For Friday

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Indian summer
arrives this week, with blue skies,
warmth and October.

Nobody complains
after days of cloud and rain
in earlier months.

Nature has played tricks,
kept us guessing every day.
Which clothes do we wear:

bare arms or long sleeves:
jackets or mackintoshes?
Hello umbrella!

The easy answer.
All eventualities
covered, do you see?

Five haiku in 55 words. Thanks again to Mr Knowitall for his flash 55 fixation!


  1. ha funny umbrella...cooler weather here...much appreciated too...and finally drier...looking forward to a great weekend, high of 60

  2. Jinksy....?
    Mackintosh? Wheres the Galoshes?
    Loved you Haiku 55's
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. It looks like the transparent cover-alls on baby buggies! Perhaps that's where the idea came from.

  4. layers upon layers! your lady is VERY chic-
    not to mention your haiku's upon haiku!

  5. i wish the weather here in southern california was more unpredictable. there were clouds for two days earlier in the week and i loved it!

  6. I remember those umbrellas. fickle, the weather.

  7. Not forgetting how mixed up the plants and trees are!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. I thought she was just preparing for really safe sex!

  9. That is some contraption! Five haiku--well done. You are most clever.
    Not a hint of Fall here--leaves still green, still on the trees, and the rain slopping over all...

  10. Inventive as always, J!
    Pouring with rain where I am. I need one of those . . .

  11. Oh, many's a true word, said in jest, eh? Everyone in the UK appears to be enjoying a bonus summer this weekend - everyone that is, but us - the darn weather forcast promised a GLORIOUS few days, then added "except for the Isle of Man.."


  12. Wouldn't it be 'October arrives with Indian Summer'? Instead of Indian Summer arriving with October (in tow, as it were?)

    Whichever way round it is, i'm very glad that we're getting a taste of it here in the hills.

  13. elegant 55, love the sunshine and umbrella imagery.

  14. Yes, we never know what fall weather will bring. A creative response to the prompt...:)


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