Sunday, 9 January 2011

Are They Fading Already?

I wonder how many have been made - and started to shrink into oblivion already? Perhaps, like me, you don't make any to begin with! That way, no making no breaking, eh? The word resolution is much more interesting if you think of it as meaning resolving something, finding a solution, not in the sense of being resolute and sticking to an impossible dream of...what? Stopping smoking? Losing weight? Getting fit? I wouldn't mind betting these are at the top of many peoples' lists of notorious New Year Resolutions.

Somehow, today was not a day for posting more baby clothes memorabilia. Instead I had a 'playtime' afternoon, producing the Shrinking Resolutions graphic, to give me a reason to add this passing thought:-

With New Year comes Resolution,
the past is washed away.
What is left after these ablutions?
It may be hard to say...
That has flown.
Procrastination wins!
And so the Resolution
is back where it beginned!


  1. I like "beginned." I don't make resolutions either although I do sometimes try to make modest new beginnings -- with not the greatest of success.

  2. No resolution, thus, no disappointment. I will just paddle along in life's murky waters and see how far I get at the last breath, and see the sights along the way.

  3. jinksy i pass on the whole resolutions thing as well. i know what i've got to do and what i'd like to do. i'll get there if i need to! steven

  4. Oh, very clever Penny! :-) You did well with your 'resolution' heading too. I can understand your difficulty having done similar once. That's an unusual font. - Dave

  5. resolutions should come at a time when they need to be made, not because the date changed...

  6. I don't make "Resolutions" as such - but I do like to start the year with a clean slate. So its a time for fence mending etc ... which this year has worked out well.

    I also like "beginned" - reminds me of the song about "Poor Old Michael Finnegan, He grew fat and then grew thin agin, then he died and had to begin agin ..."

  7. I made three . More than enough , I think ! Two are easy-peasy and the third ? We'll see .
    After all , I've got all year ....

  8. I always make resolutions - or at least brush off the same old ones and attack them with renewed vigor - on the grounds that 'if you aim for the stars you may reach the rooftops'.

    p.s. I like 'beginned' too!

  9. Never make New Year resolutions. As Derrick is leaving the blogoshpere you might like to leave a message on the post " Farewell Derrick "
    at my blog.

  10. just do the things that make your heart smile. everything else follows. abundance of positive energies awaits us all. happy new year, everyone...


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