Monday, 10 January 2011

Look Behind You!

Did somebody mention Pantos? Well, actually, in a kind of way, Blogpal bkmackenzie did with her choice of illustration for her Monday's Child blog, where she encourages us to write poems for kiddywinks. This illustration by one Felix Lorioux made the Jinksy mind go off at somewhat of a tangent, but as it's a dull and dismal Monday, perhaps readers may enjoy a bit of nonsense to start the week with a smile.

Treading The Boards
An Actor's Dilemma

Every year at Christmas
the local drama club
put on a different panto.
Aye, and there's the rub!
The members fight for glory,
all wanting the best part-
the most to say -
best clothes to wear -
it make producers tear their hair!

Last year they picked on Puss in Boots
who needs no introduction.
I tell you, no expense was spared
on this lavish production.

The lines were learned,
the costumes made.
Then, on dress rehearsal night
an unexpected hang up
left them in a plight.
Dick Whittington discovered,
as he puffed on a cheroot.
that poor old Tom, the doughty Puss,
was too big for his boots!     

How they cut him down to size
is quite another tale,
on which I'll let you ponder,
as I quaff a pint of ale!


  1. jinksy - the pantomime was a favourite memory of mine from my english childhood. i have no doubt that each was rife with incident behind the screen that matched that on the stage! excellent poem. steven

  2. jinksy - as a fan of both theater and children's poetry, I'd say you'd outdone yourself!

  3. You're right Penny! I needed a smile to start my week off and as usual, you delivered. Delightful!

  4. what a fun poem. just perfect for a monday!

  5. This is very funny!

    I shall ponder it seriously though :)

  6. What a laugh Pen, to brighten up a very miserable day. We have an amateur panto here next week - I am not a member but my old friend of 89 plays the piano!

  7. Fun!
    It's an intriguing thought , mind you . The usual blond , leggy young lady , playing the male lead in true pantomime tradition , wreathed in a cloud of cigar smoke !

  8. What happened to panto I wonder. I suppose we all got too sophisticated.

  9. ROFL...Love it!!! Perfect for Panto!!! You are so clever, my dear friend!!! Hope you are well! Been thinking about you!!! So I thought I'd stop by and see what you were up to...and here I am...and thoroughly lovin' this!!! Sending my love to you as well! ~Janine xoxo

  10. the local amdrammers know all about stealing each others' thunder.
    Isn't that how it's meant to go? Otherwise there'd be no plays about amdram plays, if you see what I mean.

  11. Oh how I loved it! Was it the wonderfully coifed and dressed Puss that drew me to the writing or the writing that drew me to the elegant Puss? We shall never know, but suffice it to say that I enjoyed both to an alarming degree, lol!

  12. Smiles... thanks for sharing this. It is wonderful.

  13. You've captured the drama in a nutshell :-)

  14. I'm sure there's always more drama backstage than out front! A great interpretation as ever.

  15. Cheers!

    I'm pondering as we 'speak'. Bigger boots would seem a less painful solution. But some egos are too big for any boot ;-)

  16. O Jinksy, there are many that are too big for their excellent moral to this tale ...maybe I need to reread it myself....thank you for posting..bkm

  17. I have a little something for you at my place. Would be honoured if you popped over to collect. Hugs ~ Eddie

  18. Enjoy the Ale. It is cold enough here today, 9 deg.. to want hot toddies instead.

  19. Very good. You take me down Memory Lane.
    Ale is a bit cold for you! How about a thermos!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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