Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Day Down A Rabbit Hole?

And why not, my friends? Having had it brought to my attention here and here, that Lewis Carroll was born on  27 January in 1832, I thought I should spread this news today - as well as a little nonsense - in honour of the occasion. (Thanks go to Fairy Hedgehog, of course, for hosting the event...)

And who knows what you might be tempted to write yourselves as a result?

After little or no consideration on my part, I've let my fingers do the walking, in order to provide something in keeping with his quirky ideas.

The urge to write is upon me. It's hanging round my shoulders at this very moment, but more like a boa constrictor than a feather one, squeezing the words out the way toothpaste, paint or tomato puree may be forced from a tube...

Why not join in the fun and see what you can squeedge into a comment - or a post of your own?
(Now I can see some of you scurrying off like The White Rabbit, peering at your pocket watches, as you mutter "I'm late, I'm late! Oh, my ears and whiskers!" Or some such exclamations...)
In Memory Of...

Lewis Carrol had some fun
writing as he did...
I think I'll let a poem hatch
by lifting up the lid
of my imagination,
(Did someone say "Splendid!?")

But rather than a rabbit
diving down a hole,
I see a sort of Jumping Jack
climbing up a pole,
a-losing all his arms and legs
and yelling "Make me whole!"

A Jack Inside a Box, I know
is not a new idea,
but one that has no arms or legs
is surely rather queer?
I bet he'll be the only one
you'll come across this year!

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick"-
now there's another thought,
for if he had no arms or legs
how could he be taught
to jump out of that pesky box
in the way he aught?


  1. Jumping Jack, I'll have you know
    Has a secret down below
    The reason he can jump so quick?
    Behold his huge spring-loaded dick... :-)

  2. Truly odd and whimsical! Lewis Carroll would be proud!

    (And I have to admit to a lot of loud laughter at Richard's comment. He's on form today.)

  3. Jinksy e-mailed your link to me and a series of photographs I had sprung to mind; I won't be offended if you decide they are not creative enough ...

  4. Very witty, as are your commenters!

  5. Loved this and I joined the fun too.
    I say SPLENDID!

  6. Yes Splendid, just Splendid. Poor Jack!

  7. 'twas brillig'!

    Almost nothing I'd love more than to spend time with dear Lewis.

  8. So agile you are with the written word! A very fitting tribute to a much loved author, thanks for making me chuckle!

  9. No , even if I were squeaking about my whiskers , I don't think I'd be admitting to it in public !! There's your large poetry loving tribe of followers to think of , for a start .

  10. Splendid indeed. LOL too about Richard N's comment.

  11. Thanks for this bit of fun, Pen.

  12. Utterly Splendiferous!!! :-)

    Take care

  13. If Carroll had plumped for a white mongoose, I can't help thinking that we'd all now be in the most terrible, terrible trouble.

  14. "I think I'll let a poem hatch
    by lifting up the lid
    of my imagination." And so you have!

  15. This is a truly effervizzent poem.

  16. Did you know Penny that Lewis Carroll was a clever
    mathematician and his stories were based on mathematical logic, which I imagine must be very hard to emulate. Not like Dr Seuss' nonsense poems. - Correct me here if you feel I am wrong? - Dave

  17. The time has come, the Suldog said
    To speak of many an item
    Of love of words and words of love
    And whether or not to requite 'em
    And if the sea follows a bee
    Or only when we write 'em

    Oops! There's the phone! Gotta Go!


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