Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Spoilt For Choice

Abroad in Blogland at the moment are prompts from Susan, bkm, Willow and TFE, to name but a few, any one of which can stir a writer into action.
And then there's me. All of a sudden, the Jinksy devilry takes over, and I can't wait to play with their pictures, or take the mickey out of their suggested ideas, which is probably not what any of them intended!
However, I do believe the one that pleased my warped sense of humour this morning, was Willow's picture of three demure ladies in the snow, their shapeless, long garments making them look like dressed snowmen.
But I liked this version best, for Arcsoft Studio 6 has turned them into something from Harry Potter Land.
They have become three School Inspectors, travelling to Hogwart's under cover of darkness, wearing their invisibility cloaks, wands at the ready!

Meanwhile, in the slightly more sensible part of my brain, the following sonnet came into being yesterday, after a long winded prompt for this week's Poetry Bus set me off on another tack. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice today, folks...


I exist inside my head; my eyes
turn their camera lens onto the world
about me. Eventually, to my surprise
the barriers melt. I am unfurled
like a ribbon caught upon the breeze,
until I dip and twirl around and through
every living thing. I am at ease
with this unity, this different view
causes no concern. I disappear
into a universe where time and space
coalesce about an Inner Sphere
which holds us in molecular embrace.

Pulsating energy is all we are,
mere remnants of a long forgotten star...

P.S. There's another version of my Magpie, Picture and Poem, over at Alias Jinksy.


  1. So often I feel like this - an observer who leaves no mark upon the world. Yes, we do all come from stardust and to it we shall return.

  2. On the contrary, Jabblog - rather than leaving NO mark, we mark everything, by becoming as one...

  3. I'm very impressed with this sonnet. The form is just the right length for your thought here

  4. And yet, do we not leave a trail of stardust whereever we have gone, words as tidbits of the dust falling on the breezes of time.

  5. Really impressive Pen. I always read a sonnet looking forward to the twist or wrap up in the two final lines and yours is wonderful. I rather like the idea of being a remnant of some long forgotten star.

  6. I really like the idea of being a remnant of a long fogotten star. Lovely work, Jinksy.

    Loveyour Hogwart's inspectors! Clever!

  7. clever take on the photo- Hogwarts Inspectors made me laugh and your phrase of how we are remnants of a long forgotten star took my breath away-such imagery

  8. Very lovely images here jinksy, and you have an excellent rhyme and structure to it too. Well done

  9. I like the idea of being a remnant of a long forgotten star Jinksy - but not too sure that I have much in the way of pulsating energy.

  10. Beautiful, Jinksy. One of your best, I think.

  11. Pulsating energy. Sounds about right to me.

  12. creative thoughts exposed here.
    love this side of your mind.

  13. This sonnet was executed perfectly - impressive rhyme, not forced at all, and you created such vivid images!

  14. I like the thought of being unfurled like a ribbon caught on the breeze....... dipping and twirling around and through everything.
    Yes... I like that.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. I'm definitely feeling unfurled this evening .... or do I just mean unravelled .
    But I love the idea of being a remnant of a long-forgotten star , so tomorrow I shall try to twinkle and gleam instead !

  16. Wow Jinksy I really love this. Your peom is wonderful. It gives me a sense of freedom and truth in your words.

  17. I love the school inspectors! Very clever. Your sonnet is superb, my favourite imagery is the ribbon, weaving and curling. Beautiful. Thanks for popping into my blog - I knew you'd like Day 11 of my 'stones'! Just your humour too.

  18. I loved this, Jinksy. The photo cracked me up - they definitely look Potterish now!

    And your sonnet had me smiling. It's full of freedom - of both body and soul.

  19. As a Potter fan, I see the likeness!

  20. I like the picture and love the sonnet--a form I had all but decided to burn at the stake and bury at the crossroads after some mangled attempts on my part to birth one. But I've read several this week, including this one, that have made realize the fault is not in the form, but in myself(as Shakespeare might put it.) Very nice magpie.

  21. Beautiful!

    I've been meaning to tell you for some time, our names being what they are and all, that our vet's nurse named her cat after our dog....every time I go in I say here's Jack she named her cat Jack Jinks and calls him Jinksey! Just a little tid bit I thought you might enjoy!

  22. Skillfull as it is thoughtful High Jinx. And I'm loving this line...

    'I am unfurled
    like a ribbon caught upon the breeze'

    The best perspective is always from the outside.

    But Jinksy! Long winded ? Moi?

  23. An inspiring piece of poetry! Thanks for visiting my down trodden Beanie Kid photo.

    Eaton :))


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