Monday, 30 March 2009

Buttercups And Daisies

Having introduced Marion St John Webb's poem to you yesterday, I thought I would share some more delights from 'The Littlest One His Book'. Old they may be, but Oh, so understandable to anyone who has had dealings with small children - plus, it will leave me time to attend to other things this morning!


I've got a fairy in a box:
I made her all myself.
I always keep her safe, away
on Mother's shelf.

I thought of her an' cut her out,
but Mother sewed her up.
An' then I picked a name for her -
it's Buttercup.

I mustn't tell you what she's like,
she asked me not to say
in case you tried to make her, if
you knew the way.

An' then she'd not know which to be
if there were two of her you see.


Daisy lives inside the picture
at the bottom of my plate.
She can breave' in bread-an'- milk though,
if she hasn't long to wait.

When I eat my bread-an'-milk up,
eat up every little bit,
there is Daisy, nearly drownded,
waiting underneath of it.

Daddy says I must be punkshall
down to breakfast always, or
Daisy might get really drownded
and be gone for ever more !


  1. I hope you get all of your chores done without too much trouble. Life does get in the way of life sometimes.

  2. What cute poems!! I remember thinking about peter rabbit hiding underneath all of my food, wondering how he was doing!! LOL
    Hope you achieve much to today!!

  3. that second one is awfully cute. did you know april is national poetry month in the US? nice kickoff, maybe you'll continue?

  4. Very sweet Jinksy. Isn't it strange how we can remember poems learnt in infancy - did you learn "Old Meg she was a Gypsy"? And what about "Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen". My name being Patricia, I remember with such awful ambarrassment the junior class learning a poem in which the first line was "Princess Patricia came sliding down the bannister!" I used to hide my head in shame when they recited it - and I have to say the rest of the poem has been erased from my memory!

  5. Simply loved the poems... such simple, innocent underlying expressions... make me smile at the end of a hectic, tiring day :)

    thanks for your comments, always look forward to hear something from you :)

  6. My offering to Weaver of Grass:-

    Princess Patricia came sliding down the bannister,
    buffing it to a glossy shine
    with lavender polish she squirted from a cannister. I wish she would come and polish mine!

  7. LOL at your poem for Weaver of Grass.

    Very sweet little poems indeed. Love the one about the fairy. Reminded me of Mel over at
    She will probably love these poems too, so I'll notify her of your post and hope she stops by and reads it.

    Big hug xx

  8. Very sweet, jinksy - I love the word 'punkshall'! x

  9. What cute poems, but I like the Buttercup one the best.

  10. Thanks for sharing such cute poems.

  11. Nice! Could see these with lovely drawings.


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