Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sorry Sunday?

Granddaughters are coming to day!
I guess I'll not have time to play
with computers and stuff,
so that's a bit rough,
but hopefully, see you Monday? x


  1. Hope the visit's a grand one. See ya tomorrow!

  2. Your granddaughters are lucky kids to have such a lovely grandmother. Have a nice day and see you tomorrow.

    hugs xx

  3. have a wonderful Sunday with the girls.

  4. Jinksy, drop everything, get your candy kisses ready, cause here they come.

  5. It is Monday here and we are the first to see the new day and so
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINKSY!!!!!!! We hope you have many, many more and keep on brightening our day with your musings.
    Lots of big birthday hugs and kisses XXXXXXXXXX M

  6. Ah nice.. enjoy them grandchildren. :)

  7. You've got the right priorities!


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