Saturday, 21 March 2009


I am a pass master in this underrated art. I put it down to the two sides of my twin, Piscean nature, with its fishy friends always tugging me in opposite directions. A whole hour and a half ago, I sat down at the computer, quite sure that I would quickly check emails, then get a post on screen, before tackling things on the boring side of life.

So far, so good. Inbox cleared, open up napple notes dashboard to see which part of the Blogland world is already up and running. Curiosity always wins at this point, when I see posts that are so newly hatched from their creator's minds, that the time lag is in minutes, rather than hours.

It is my downfall.

There's Granny On The Web celebrating a 'Fabulous Blog Award' - must pop over and say congratulations, and see whether she has any more delightful grand children pics for me to 'Oo!' and 'Ah!' over. But no, what do I find? Her generosity has overcome her common sense, and listed Jinksy - with a capital J, no less - as one of her nominees for receiving the same accolade. Aarrgghh! Granny, how could you miss picking up on my aversion (like Suldog, only a bit more gentle) to such bling? To keep blog pages clear of such distractions, I hang awards around my neck, and am beginning to feel very round shouldered as a result - and they do make an awful clanking noise on the keyboard.

As for giving away secrets like listing five addictions - Not on your nellie! My favourite Blogland buddies all know who they are, anyway, as I shower them with emails which can surely leave them in no doubt? Many, many emails - lot more than five. The best thing is for everyone to help themselves to whichever award makes them feel good today, and share out a little love amongst their friends, the more the merrier.

If I didn't think you all worthy of the nicest award of all - friendship - I wouldn't start leaving you cryptic comments all over the place, now would I? I love you all! x

P.S. The 'anti award' thing is nothing personal...It just happens to rub my sensibilities up the wrong way. I wouldn't dream of chasing my friends with a pitchfork to make them go visit a certain place or person, nor to list their innermost thoughts on any subject, so why would I hound them under the guise of an award to do the same things? I'm open to those who wish to put the opposite side of the argument for consideration, but don't expect me to be an easy convert. Blogs that rely on these endless lists of questions/answers to fill a page are somewhat soporific to my way of thinking, and I feel a glazed expression hovering over my mind every time I come
across one in my Blogland wandering. OK, perhaps I'm a lot more like Suldog than I care to admit...


Late edition, appropriate for procrastination and world poetry day...

Dainty cowslips flaunt
buttery yellow petals,
cushioning cow's feet.

Who gave them that name?
They deserve a sweeter word
to describe their souls;

fragile, dancing blooms
threatened by brown bovine lips
intent on grazing.


  1. It was nice to see you on my blog. I hope you found something to your taste. There's not much in the way of emotion oozing from the pores there either. As for procrastination, I may not be much further ahead with the paper I'm writing, but all the leaves are raked out of my borders. My daughter calls it constructive procrastination. You put off one thing but cross off something else while you're doing it.

  2. You're gonna have to get some cup hooks for all the awards soon, dear, or you're gonna need a new back!

  3. I get lost constantly, on route, while procrastinating!

    THANK YOU for your ever so sweet comment to my blog! I should be honored to have as a mother for the day :). My heart feels fuller already.

    Your poetry is always so lovely. I spent my teen years around cows so I loved the fun way you played with them in the cowslips.
    PS Suldog always makes me laugh. Not a bad one to be like at all!

  4. As naked as a Dainty cowslips flaunt. I'm right there with Suldog and you. After a year I'm going to have to say so, so that people understand. It's nice to be naked sometimes, isn't it?

  5. Like you, I am a very good procrastinator. I also don't get into awards too much although I appreciate the thought when I am included. I've noticed though that it's mostly a female thing -- a jinksy or two excluded, of course.

  6. I'm glad you alerted me to this one. My solicitor will be in touch.

    No, really, I'm not mad about you "taking my name in vain." That's really the only sensible way to take my name. And it got an unsolicited word of praise from Things We Carried, so my ego was fed. All good.

  7. Just visited Suldog and saw your picture in the lovely lilac sweater. Looks good on you. Very daring to have a tattoo on the bottom of your foot ;-) That must have tickled.


Curiosity Cats can leave a whisker here...but not before noting, please, that I choose to have an award free, tag free, meme free blog. But by all means, talk to me by email - I love to 'chat'...