Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hear Endeth The Drain Saga

I'd been sitting at the computer, valiantly endeavouring to travel my daily Bloground while waiting for today's subject for my entry to float to the surface of my mind, when the phone interrupted. A sing-song, feminine voice announced a call from my insurance company. I metaphorically crossed my fingers, toes and anything else crossable as I waited for the outcome of my claim for the drain. ( See, rhyming follows me around non-stop.)

After checking I was indeed the person I professed to be, ( from several inane enquiries, i.e. name and maiden name) Miss Sing Song Voice confirmed the insurers were happy with the report of work carried out by the drain experts, and would be issuing a cheque in the next fourteen days - all without telling me how much they charged. It will be extremely interesting to see how the amount compares with the original quote of £560. I can, however, heave a sigh of relief that it will be paid without recourse to my piggy bank, which is already rattling less jauntily after paying for the annihilation of my tree. May this close yet another chapter in the Life of Jinksy.

Quickly turning to a clean page, I shall now return to the subject I'd decided would provide today's entry; WORDS, and the understanding thereof. After emailing a photo of youngest offshoot of the Jinksy Tree to Bush Face Bro, I realised that the accompanying comment he thought I'd sent, was not what I'd meant. (Quite like accidental rhyme here, so will not edit out.)

I said she 'was a girlie girl all along', meaning that, from a tender age, she'd displayed all the typically feminine traits of adoring clothes, shoes, makeup and new hairstyles. Bush Face Bro, however, interpreted the words to mean she'd suddenly exhibited a side of her character previously hidden. As Bush Face Bro and Jinksy the Pud (me, of course) had grown up with one of the strongest brother-sister understandings you could imagine, this made me think again of the correlation between words spoken, or written, by one person and their meaning as understood by another.

I know from experience, this dual understanding can be the cause of a great deal of friction. My mind has always leaped ahead of a speaker, often to arrive at a completely different destination to the one they intended. I put this down to the individual meaning I've invested a word or phrase with, which has turned out to be totally at odds with what the other person had thought they were conveying. Perhaps this was simply another manifestation of the less admirable side of the Neptune influence on us Pisces people. Illusion / delusion. At least being aware of its effect, means we are able to look out for warning signs! I wonder if others among my Blogland Pisces Pals have noticed the same symptoms? There sure do seem to be a lot of us, judging by yesterday's comments and emails I received...Power to the Pisces People!

Herewith, then, today's pondering poem.


Words on white paper
make a pattern
of visible thought.
Inside the mind,
corresponding images take shape.
Communication begins.
The next step is understanding,
which remains invisible.


  1. I'm not a pisces but my mind jumps to the most unexpected places, even for me, and that often leaves people totally confused. Including me.
    Anyway, I have left an AWARD for you over at my place. I know you won't pick it up, but please take a look at it, say ooohh and aaaahh if you like (you've been probably awarded this one many times already) and know that your blog is truly awardworthy!
    Hugs xx

  2. Often, when I re-read my blog, I see that I leave gaps based on knowing what's in my head but not communicating it fully. This will often happen, even when I think I've already properly edited it.

  3. I have indeed picked up Carolina's award, and it dangles on my chest, even as I type, as I prefer that to walpapering my bogpage! What a kind girlie she is.

  4. I recognise myself here, Jinksy - my mind usually gets to a conclusion before someone has finished speaking - and it is often the wrong conclusion. And I am Scorpio!

  5. my husband often shakes his head when me and my sister are chatting and interjects that we are not talking about the same thing at all and is right.

  6. Sounds like The Great Drain Robbery to me, Jinksy!

  7. I do have the habit of finishing people's sentences for them, for which I am told off frequently!

  8. Glad you will get reimbursed for the drain being fixed. Why is it, it seems everything come at one time. Somehow it would be nice to space these things out over a six month period. LOL Have a lovely evening.

  9. I learned this early in my ministry. What I thought I said in the sermon and what a parishioner heard were often far apart. I preached gospel they heard law. I preached law and they heard gospel.
    Now as I blog and read the comments people leave on miner it is often as if people came to several different blogs .

  10. Jinxy, your blog won't let me talk to you!

  11. oh wait... it worked this time. I must have tried 10 times at work today with no luck.

    Back to my original comment...

    You have a beautiful writing "voice". I look forward to reading more!

  12. You got it Jinksy and sometimes, no matter how many words you might use, what if you began with the wrong one or that one meant something to someone else. Phew! It's easy to end up in a muddle.

  13. This is why I am befuddled, corn-fused, and perplexed most of the time.


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