Monday, 2 March 2009

March! Feet, Or Feet + March =?

With a title like that, it's pretty clear today's post is going to be a trifle odd. Besides the obvious link between the two words, simply because you need the one to be able to do the other, there is also a more obtuse connection.

In Astrology, the ancients allocated the various signs and planets to corresponding parts of the human body. Pisces, not surprisingly, being the last of the twelve Zodiac Signs, ended up with the feet, and with Jupiter and Neptune as its ruling planets.

Jupiter governs growth, expansion and good fortune, while Neptune endows an air of mystery, with spiritual enlightened as the best option, but delusion and deception at the other end of the spectrum. With this combination, many Pisceans make ideal actors, authors, artists, dancers or singers, as Neptune cannot fail to stimulate the creative dreams and Jupiter gives the energy for them to grow to fruition.

Bearing all this in mind, is it not unusual to find Pisceans with a love / hate relationship as regards shoes, and the health of the feet in general. I must admit to falling into this category, in my own way; bare feet have been my delight from a very early age, shoes a necessary evil. I have never been one to sacrifice comfort for fashion, as I very soon decided I'd be better off wearing the shoe box, than the items of torture it contained! My toes don't go into a pointy shape, but are short, and verging towards a squarish shape - as I said, more like the box than the shoe. Birkenstock sandals were created with exactly my kind of feet in mind, I've decided. Look at a pair of those, and you'll have a pretty good idea of the shape of my feet.

I was lucky as a child, for I never had to wear hand me down shoes, although I only ever had one pair at a time - not like my granddaughters now, with what seems like a plethora of dainty footwear. But you will maybe understand why I was once inspired to pen the following lines. When my children were small, I used to spend a lot of time going around charity shops, looking not for shoes, but perfectly good adult clothing, that I could cut up and sew into kiddy sized garments. This was in the days when Oxfam shops were nowhere near as sophisticated as they tend to be nowadays, with worldwide ethnic goods of all kinds on display. They were more basic, and goods were often arranged out on the pavements, presumable hoping to tempt customers into the shop. Here's my view of just such a sight.

Second Hand Shoes

I stand outside the Oxfam shop
in front of rows of shoes.
I wonder, would I stand in yours,
if I had to choose?

Some tiny shoes aren't very scuffed
because young feet outgrew them,
while those were such a comfy pair
their owner's half worn through them.

Not so these, they must have hurt;
they're scarcely used - no speck of dirt-
and those with heels so high and thin
were never made for walking in?

There are shoes quite narrow
and shoes like boats,
with bulges made by bunions;
there are football boots
that boys in specs
might tie with laces
and string round their necks
like the men who sell the onions.

See, those are the fashion
of years gone by, discarded on a whim.
Although they're almost good as new
it's plain that they would never do,
for one must keep up with the Joneses.

So all these shoes, where invisible feet
have imprinted their characters, careless or neat,
have their stories to tell, if we listen and look,
just a clearly as if they appeared in a book.
And what would the story of our shoes be
if they too stood in line for the whole world to see?


  1. Such a clever way with words. I wish......
    No! I must be thankful for the other gifts the good Lord has given me.
    In admiration
    Love Granny

  2. Ooh! I love this! And I'm a Pisces too! LOL! Which means i'm barefoot right now. But I do love shoes... they just have to be just right. LOVE the poem and what a great idea with the charity shops, to cut down the clothes. I love it! My daughter has been dying for me to teach her how to sew, maybe we could start with something simple like this.. Jenni

  3. That was gr8 read

    might tie with laces
    and string round their necks
    like the men who sell the onions.


  4. Ha, lovely poem again and so recognizable. Hubs is a pisces and his feet are a story in itself.

    Hugs xx

  5. I've worn the same pair for six years. My wife bought me new one's which sit in the closet. I like these shoes.
    Very good post. It got me to thinking.

  6. Me, too, Jinksy. Pisces and not overly fond of footwear. I am barefoot at all times in the house (unless my feet become cold, at which point I'll slip on comfy slippers) and wear sneakers (plimsoles, you call them?) almost exclusively when outside of the house. I only put on actual shoes when attending funerals and weddings.

  7. Jinksy, you are wonderful, I hope you know that - and ~I hope you print all those poems and pieces out, to give to your grand-daughters one day - They need to know all about you, and your poetry gives one such an insight!

    I'm a barefoot kinda gal, too!

  8. Wonderful poem, Jinsky. Right now, it's far too cold to be barefoot. But as soon as that ground thaws... ;)


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