Thursday, 26 March 2009

Only Slightly Less Puzzled

The reason for so many wasted replies being lost in the ether, is, I've discovered, quite simple. When setting up on, it is possible to decide others may email you. Once a fellow blogperson uses that function, from that point on, replies to future inbox 'you have a comment' list, will go on their merry way to them. No 1 Son, alias Q, gave a much better explanation on yesterday's comment list, and we proved that opting to receive emails allows the 'behind the scenes' chat; he doesn't have a blog, but has signed in to, and receives my replies to his comments, no problem.

I'm sure he would answer any queries put to him, via my blog, about the email thing, as he has more knowledge in his little finger about such things, than I do in my entire being!

And you see why I'm not happy to answer comments on my own blog? With 22 on yesterday's post so far, only 1 of which is mine, answering everybody by that method is long winded plus boring for anybody coming late in the day to comment, for they have to scroll through reams of chat first.
Oh, well, I'd like to say sorry to the following for having been talking back to them completely silently for days/weeks! :-
Beth Kephart
Cheshire Wife
God of another world
No rhyme or reason
Sixty five what now
Woman in a window
- plus anyone else who thinks I've been ignoring them. As far as I can tell, all other faithful blog comment regulars have been able to field my back chat successfully.

With giving out dire warnings of coming to a standstill at four o'clock this afternoon, I think today would be a good time to go and hide in a darkened room until tomorrow, as the imagination boggles as to how much mayhem may be caused by their action... What can I use as a blindfold?...Wake me up when it is all over...


  1. Hi Jinksy

    You won a award! Go to my blog to get it!


  2. You can spend the time off-line thinking up another of your lovely poems to entertain us with, Jinksy.

  3. So that's why my mail box gets so silted up, then. Thanks for the explanation.

  4. I get your back-chat and I love it! Thanks, jinksy.

  5. LEO - you are too kind! All who read please feel free to help yourselves to this from Leo's blog, if you like chasing rainbows passed on by my sharing in his generous nomination. For once, there are not numerous conditions to fulfill...

  6. Hi, my friend, you have me fully muddled now lol.

    Thanks for your visit and kind comments on my Monsal Head post.

  7. How sweet of you to mention those you have not been successful in talking with!

  8. I love this post -- a brilliant solution to a problem all of us confront. As if writing scintillating posts and visiting the many blogs of our commenters does not take up half the day! Not to mention exploring new blogs... and fitting in sleep, paying bills, eating, etc.

    I know you said you'd meditated and was glad to see your comment, but I was thinking of you as I wrote and was hoping you might say a little more about your own practice. Inviting you in case you're in the mood... I'd love to hear more. :-)

  9. Was that your time or our time?
    Is a blogger end like the end of the world?

  10. Thank you for the info/research. I'll take a look at my settings.

  11. Hi. I've been AWAL for health reasons and haven't done much of anything. Thanks for the explanation. I just think it is my own stupidity when things go awire.

  12. Hey you, if you ever need to smack my fingers (which you just might after my next comment, next post) you can always email me if you care to. But never feel you must. Just if you need to smack, see?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Well, I'm definitely a curiosity cat so I hope not to be killed. I followed a series of links to get here but, having become totally embroiled in this mystery, I forget the route. I have been grappling with the business of no-reply emails for some time and only now realised how to solve the problem.

    One of my email addresses was recently hacked, and my contacts list lifted. As a result everyone received a super-abundance of invitations to buy electrical goods in China. It could have been worse. Nevertheless, I do understand why people would want to hide their addresses.

  15. Hi, curiosity cat A. (very cryptic) your whiskers, and you , are totally safe round here. No moggies have been destroyed while posting a comment.


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