Sunday, 1 March 2009

Move Over, February

Enough of snow and ice, grey skies and money problems adding to the gloom. Hello March, with overtones of leaping hares, blustery winds and birthdays. Last time I counted, the dates of these birthdays went something like this:- 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 12th, 15th,16th, 17th, 18th, 21st, 22nd and 28TH. A card maker's paradise, or nightmare?

Back in the days when I belonged to a small Barbershop Chorus of about twenty five or so members, fifteen of us had March birthdays. Any explanations for this preponderance of birthdays in a single month, I should like to hear. Do we March types have clannish DNA cells that like to stick together? But enough. One thing for sure, in a month's time we'll all be a year older and that seems an excellent time to change the subject.

With many in Blogland still talking of snow, as opposed to spring flowers, it makes me ponder once again on the marvel of all green and growing things. They grow in such diverse habitats and often against great odds, adapting to conditions around them in order to survive as a species. Dr John, commenting yesterday, said he thought there were no such green and growing things under the snow where he lives, but I tend to dispute that. Even if he lived on a rocky eyrie, ten to one there would be, at the very least, tiny lichens growing in the nooks and crannies beneath the surface snow. It was thoughts like this that produced today's short poem.


Flowers have no choice of when to bloom.
Universal force dictates to them
how soon and at what rate
their glowing colours may dispel
the gloom of sombre Winter.

People have no choice of when to love.
Unbidden, soft, love wraps its mantle round
like swirling mists from regions high above
that clothe the world with pale ethereal gown
in proper season.


  1. There is an old story about why people are born when they are born. I am sure you have heard it. From your birthday back up 3 months. You were probably conceived in December. Possibly a kind of Christmas present.

  2. It certainly sounds like a very busy and expensive month ahead! Those thoughts in your poem are very uplifting - yes, mother nature's gifts do lift the heart, and the heart, bidden or not, can't fail to love.

    My garden is awash in yellow, all the daff's have opened out, they sheep have been moved to the lower field where the climate is less harsh, so they can lamb in safety. I can see them gambling from my kitchen window. (Makes me feel guilty for being such a carnivore!) Spring has reached the island, all feels well again.

  3. well written

    Well here, its all month of financial with march being month of paying Inocome Tax....its time to cough out bucks.....

  4. Love the comparison in the poem. And yay for March!

  5. I guess you're right. Last year, we had so much snow that stayed so long that daffodils eventually came up through it.

  6. I have Daffodils in my snow right now.

    I ponder so many March B'days, there is only one in my family that I know of.

    Nice post.

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  8. Ooops (blush), you didn't know Craggy Island sheep have a gambling problem, did you? I can see them from my window clearly, sitting at their gaming tables, being fleeced daily.. so sad. (Rolling eyes.)

  9. This WAS what Tessa said , - 'Snowdrops and daffodils and brown paper packages tied up with string...your wonderful post makes me trill away to myself very happily, jinksy!'-
    but I needed to remove my name! Sorry I made you disappear, Tessa

  10. ...and I think I need to put this on record here for Pat & Abe - Even if they'd counted back 9 months, they'd have been wrong, for I was born two months early, and weighed in at 4lb 2oz !

  11. My family observes a few March birthdays, also, but September was our most 'fruitful' month (extra cold December and January?)

    Your poem is wonderful, Jinksy, and called to mind a lovely poem by Laurence Pratt titled "April Out of Stone" (1939). I've linked to your post here:

  12. What a lovely uplifting piece. Goodbye February and good ridance! Lovely poem by the way.

  13. Love the poem, very romantic.

    Lots of birthdays in feb eh, I'd better show some of my cards lol.

    Hope you have had a good weekend, and thanks for your visits and kind comments.

  14. Jinksy - as a March baby myself, I love your post ... I am so ready to kick February aside and make way for springtime. I do believe that life gets a head start under the snow .. like getting ready for the prom! As always, love your poem.

  15. I didn't realize that today was the first day of March! Your birthday month is packed. That is what September is like for me!

  16. Yes, my November birthday list looks like that :) And we're also moving right out of cold weather and into the warm; the days here are 30+C already.... who needs snow talk?!! :))

  17. My husband is a March baby too! Our heavy card month is May in this family!

  18. Obviously March births bring forth superb voices! I was brought up to believe that thre are ALWAYS green shoots under the snow.

  19. Lovely poem! We have a march birthday here tomorrow, and have already received several kid party invites for the next couple of weeks... March must be a good month.

  20. Hello, Jinksy, first-time visitor here by way of "Pat - An Arkansas Stamper"'s blog. Lovely poem.

    I am a March baby, by the way, and the same age as you. Pat and Abe up there in comment #1 were wrong, of course, you count back nine months or forward three, but not back three, which would put your conception in June, except that you said you were born two months early, which would put your conception in August, and the reason, I think, there are so many March babies is that the period from June to August is the hottest part of the year and conceiving babies can be done almost anywhere during the summer, unlike during other seasons of the year when one is concerned with such things as keeping oneself warm and eating a lot to put on extra layers of body fat, which in itself might be a deterrent to conceiving babies.

    How I do rattle on....

  21. This would explain why we had snow on tulips in May in Michigan :)


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